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The new Z-moves are really cool and I really like the new Rotom-Dex features!

I think this the first video that I've seen since the reveal trailer. Kinda the polar opposite of the last few games where new stuff was being revealed at a constant pace. Even so, I'm just not hyped at all for these games. The Switch and games basically ruined that.

Huh did you not see the previous trailer that had a bunch of story changes and revealed a new pokemon?


I agree that this trailer is lackluster tho.

Nope. That's new to me. I'm not sure how I missed that. The trailer was okay. It didn't exactly get me enthused but I'll keep my eyes on more reveals. While my hype is low, I'll eventually pick one of the games up sometime in the next couple of months. I'm usually a day one buyer with the main Pokemon games but there are quite a number of upcoming Switch games that will take priority.

Thu Oct 12 17 01:07pm
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There were other trailers that revealed Mantine Surfing and possible Gym teasing (Trials are still in the game tho), but the trailer I linked showed the most new things so far. You are right in your previous post that they have been barely giving out info compared to Sun/Moon release.

Yeah theres a lot of good games coming out so its understandable if you don't have time for this one. If I had a Switch by now, I might have done the same. I will be hopefully getting one before Mario Odyssey's release.

Thu Oct 12 17 12:41pm
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Hope for new Alolan forms are diminishing >: Next month we will most likely get whatever post-game content it has. Hoping for a Battle Frontier like facility to please some people online.

Edit: Japanese website has two "coming soon" sections. Hopefully one of them is the battle frontier.

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