Michel Ancel shows interest in creating Rayman 4

The Instagram post above comes from Michel Ancel himself, and he seems interested in creating a 4th installment in the Rayman franchise. There was the original Rayman, Rayman 2, and Rayman 3, and then a bunch of spinoffs and stand-alone games. Cool to know he has interest in continuing the proper franchise.

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Just give me Rayman Legends 2

After BGE2? So we might see this game in 30 years? Good to know...

"After Wild , after BGE2 , we ยดll need to bring him back again"

So... like, 2030?

No more rayman until you finish BG&E2. I still have most of legends to finish.

Would be crazy to see in the PS5 Gen.

I hope Rayman 4 doesn't take place after Origins and Legends and follows after Rayman 2.

Those games made Rayman look like an idiot and have gameplay balancing issues making them less fun than Rayman 1 and 2. I love those games and I was disappointed that Origins and Legends didn't live up to even 3 which was fairly good.

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