Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Uka Rare Blade revealed

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The waifus are out in full force.

I've seen some weird characters. But this one takes the cake.

I immediately thought of Star Ocean 2

Fri Oct 13 17 11:56pm
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Yep yep yep! Totally thought of him too!!
I don't remember much as it's really from a long time ago, but I think he was my favorite character in the anime. Stupid barrel lover. xD

Fri Oct 13 17 12:35pm
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yep thats strange i dont think this game is for me. I was iffy on it for a while but the last trailer kind of got me excited for it but this makes me not want the game anymore.

I mean it's not like you have to use her or even get her. Off-putting to me too though, especially the face.

It's so freaking ugly omfg.

Seriously, character designs for this game are so bad (with a few exceptions). It's the only thing that keeps me from getting really hyped.

Jesus, I don't get why most jRPG character designers seem to think it's a good idea to just put weird things all over the person. Maybe it's because basic anime artstyle is a bit primitive, so it's hard to create a normal person who'll have a unique face, but putting a thousand zippers or doing whatever this is doesn't exactly provide a good solution.

Well she is certainly interesting...

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