Random Time! - Super Mario Bros. theme played on 4 calculators

I think the most impressive thing about this entire video is that these calculators make sounds. Have I been living in the dark ages? I didn't know this was a thing!

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What type of calculator is this? Making sounds while pressing sounds like a public nuisance.

If you look at the screens, they show the date... So I would guess it's a special function you have to activate with a switch or something, or it would be showing the numbers and symbols he press.

From the Youtube video description:

This calculator name is maybe AR-7778. and left one is AR-8001.
A quick Google search tells me it's Japanese and called a "Voice calculator". Different sources give me different brand names, but the brand appears to be Clariton.

Youtube video.
This video shows that it even announces all the numbers you press, and you can set the volume from loud to off.

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It's a bit more like a calculator on steroids but SEGA came up with their own calculator-like device in the 90's called the SEGA IR 7000 that had a speaker included. It also had a very basic take on Pictochat that utilized wireless communication between devices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb4L6e8DOrY

It’s China made calculator cum music instrument cum clock... for clearer image can search “佳靈通語音計算器AR-7778”... the guy in the video obviously very talented... impressed

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