Devs say Nintendo is making a bigger push for more violent/risqué content on Switch

The following info comes from a Wall Street Journal article...

- Nintendo is encouraging some producers of violent or risqué games to provide content for Switch
- developers say more titles for mature audiences are coming after Nintendo encouraged them
- Takuya Aizu, chief executive of Inti Creates, assumed Nintendo wouldn’t be interested in Gal*Gun 2
- in discussions with Nintendo, they welcomed the idea of bringing it to the Switch
- one executive at an outside developer said Nintendo “was passive until now" on risque/violent content
- now that executive would no longer say that's the right word to describe Nintendo's stance today
- Nintendo said “As with books, television and movies, different content is meant for different audiences.
- Nintendo also said parents have several ways to ensure their children don’t play games aimed at adults
- Shinya Takahashi, a Nintendo executive, said Nintendo's aim was to attract grown-up game players in the West
- Koei Tecmo says Nights of Azure 2's Switch sales are “not bad” in Japan
- Tak Fujii says, "Nintendo has opened its window to more developers, and it has gotten much kinder to companies new to Nintendo platforms.”

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Sat Oct 14 17 04:54pm
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Kimishima: Ask and ye shall receive...

You know... I'd be cool if they made just some ultimate dress up, jiggly, date sim game for all the recent fire emblem waifus... If it meant we stop getting cameos of them in all the other normal games.

Plus i could marry Tharja.

You wanna marry a crazy black magic chick who performs experiments on her kids?

...I never understood that...

The point of the character is to not get her point haha.

But really though, isn't FE already expressing waifus at this point now with Awakening and Fates onwards?

She's the bad girl my NoA parents are trying to forbid me from seeing.

Truly a forbidden love

Well, Nintendo will be earning more money that way. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad, but I’m not against Nintendo’s decision. Either way, I’ll be with Nintendo no matter what.

TIme to bring the doujins and VNs.

And Freedom, American Freedom.

I agree, more visual novels please!

Sat Oct 14 17 01:48pm
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I say welcome it. I know there's plenty of people against this kind of content but at the end of the day, it gives gamers a bigger library to look at, and helps draw a bigger audience to the system at the same time.

If it's a game you have no interest in... don't buy it? I mean I never understood why people would protest a game to be banned unless it was literally illegal or something. Each to their own and all that fun.

If it's a game you have no interest in... don't buy it? I mean I never understood why people would protest a game to be banned unless it was literally illegal or something. Each to their own and all that fun.

Moral outrage and an undeserved sense of superiority. "I don't like something, so no one else should like it, either."

Because you know FEELINGS!

Sat Oct 14 17 01:58pm
(Updated 1 time)

It is probably third party support talk as I just cannot picture Nintendo displaying violent content like blood gore or nudity on a Mario, Kirby, Pokemon or even a Fire Emblem game.

Metroid doesn't even come close.

They've dabbled in various project, I mean they -DO- still own, and sit on, their Eternal Darkness IP. Not to mention the canned Ravenblade and Project HAMMER took more violent approaches to their respective focuses.

Sun Oct 15 17 12:48am
(Updated 2 times)

There's a difference between publishing and developing software. Mostly the ones that they have published have allowed content to be under the third party dev's visions for softwares as you have mentioned.

But do you see Nintendo's own developed and published games using such violence? No. Because while they allow third parties to do such things, they have never done such things in their own games. Only few of them stand out but those are censored in other territories.

As for Ravenblade and Project Hammer, yeah they did have some of that but at what cost? Neither of them looked fun to Nintendo's eyes and to them, they just won't do that stuff very often.

Sat Oct 14 17 05:59pm
(Updated 1 time)

Fatal Frame is Nintendo, not to mention they financed the dev of Bayonetta 2...

I hope i'm not breaking the rules by commenting again... But how cool would if be if they coaxed Ken Levine out of mobile games to do a Switch exclusive Bioshock spiritual successor

Koei Tecmo says adult sales are “always good” in Japan.

Honestly, I would be totally fine with Nintendo making some first party 'mature' titles. Not really sexual ones, but rather more violent ones. They could use their own 'Uncharted' or 'vestern FPS' game. I get that they are afraid of the overly sensitive parents and such that will come down hard on a Nintendo title if something very mature happens (many fun examples already exists). But I think at this point, I am sure they'd be able to make a good and well-needed 'mature' exclusive.

At least they still most likely have a exclusive Bayonetta 3 coming. I am sure that is being developed right now. I also wouldn't mind much if Metroid Prime 4 was more mature than earlier titles. I do not mean make it like DOOM, but some more detailed aliens exploding in pieces could be fine, heh.

They said the same about Wii U, but ended up just censoring loads.

Sat Oct 14 17 02:36pm
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Nintendo Girls Xtreme Beach Vollyball, please. I don’t need anything too violent or sexual, just Samus in a bikini.

Sat Oct 14 17 03:01pm
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This is only good, really. As an adult (believe it or not) I like to choose exactly what kinds of games I want to play and have all genres available. If I feel like playing silly Japaneesy cheesy booby-fixated games or Tetris, I want to do so on one console. Nintendo need to get rid of that "is only for teh kiddiez" image, and seems like they are on that.

They'll sadly never get rid of that stigma. Just like Disney will never get rid of theirs, no matter how hard they try.

They'll always be beholden to their past regardless that direction.

Disney has subsidiaries that produce more mature content without having the Disney logo emblazoned on it. The Marvel TV shows have mature themes and content and they are technically Disney.

Nintendo could do the same. Create a 2nd Party studio, hell even make it a publisher, so that the games can be made for a Nintendo platform without having “made by Nintendo” on the box.

Sat Oct 14 17 06:14pm
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I've been saying this for years, create a whole 2nd branding with a new name & all targeted @ Teen/Mature rated games!

They really should bring up the early Yakuza connections and the love hotel thing then :D

I kinda want a booby-fixated tetris now

Sun Oct 15 17 08:50am
(Updated 1 time)

I didn't think of that before you pointed that out. But I do think that exists.... google time!

It's true that more than ever the switch offers plenty of ways for parents to control what their kids are exposed to on their own Switch, chiefly through the parental control app which for the purpose it's meant for, does a superbly good job! And to cater to as many different kinds of audiences should ensure the device becomes the mainstream success they were hoping for it to be.

More Rockstar games now please.

Sun Oct 15 17 01:07am
(Updated 1 time)

You mean more than 0? That would be nice Smile

EDIT: Forgot about LA Noire, lol.

Sat Oct 14 17 04:03pm
(Updated 1 time)

Kimishima is in charge now. There's a new sheriff. And the man wants what he wants.

Yep... quick! Someone post that image of "Kimishima's plan to save Nintendo" with him surrounded by big booty Nintendo characters... I'd do it myself, but I'm on a phone...

That is what I have been saying many a times now. He is way more agressive than Iwata and we can see that. As much as we all love Iwata-san and enjoy all his ideas (Nintendo would have never been the same without him) it was time for a change. Seems like the Switch is here to kick ass for a long time.

The man was a banker before working for Nintendo, he understands numbers, diversifying and change, he's clearly using he's past experience to help Nintendo out big time.

I did not imply anything else.

He is a business man' simple as that. Obviously a good one. Nintendo needs to be "cool" and he knows that. Fun times ahead of us. Having all three doing good is just good for us gamers!

Kiwishima does what Iwata don’t

Nintendo only needs to focus efforts three letters


That is the weirdest, most obtuse way to spell "TNA."

Well, Switch DOES currently have a Rockstar game on the way: the enhanced port of LA Noire. At this point, I doubt a port of GTA5 is likely, but GTA6 (or some spin-off)? Unless the Switch suddenly tanks and games stop selling on it, I'd say there's a good chance of that happening.

GTA5 is more likely than GTA6 IMO.

GTA6 more than likely won’t because of system power. The latest Red Dead announcement makes zero reference to Switch - that’s a definite indicator that new Rockstar games won’t come to Switch but Nintendo has time to get GTA5.

GTA5 is still a massive seller and would be worth it but once GTA6 is announced then having GTA5 on Switch will be pointless.

LA Noire is over 6 years old and to be honest, not as great a game as people might think. I had it on 360 and it gets very repetitive very fast.

I am still saying that Nintendo will, eventually, have a powerhouse home-console aside the Switch (which will be upgraded naturally). They will also be compatible with each other in some way ( or just a very beefy New Switch NX).

I disagree - I think the Switch is it for a while.

Maybe in 3 years a “New” Switch but nothing too much more in terms of power like New 3DS. Or maybe a Switch XL with a bigger screen and bigger joy-cons.

I firmly believe they won’t have a console that comes close to the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

If there will be a New Switch I am pretty sure it will be pretty beefed up. But hey! It's Nintendo. We will know when they let us.

The only powerhouse new console that Nintendo will release will be Switch 2 but that won't be until 2023-2024, at the earliest.

Kimishima =/= Iwata.

It would not surprise me if he would lead NIntendo back into the power-race (at least somewhat). The Switch is Iwata's legacy, but things are changing obviously. The New Switch NX 2 (or whatever) should at least have 8GB RAM better CPU/GPU (DUH).

We'll see in some years. But I just have that hunch!

I'm not disputing what you're saying. I also think they will compete with power too but they will continue to do it through a small console form factor, just like Switch. If however you're saying they will compete by going back to a bigger stationary console-I don't see it happening. There's just no need for it with everything continuing to get smaller and smaller. As a matter of fact, the only company's plans out of the 3 with a bright future, as far as I can see, is Nintendo because of the hybridization of power and small size only evolving.

I do get your point, and mine might not be coming through. I can see them keeping the Switch-ish concept for a very, very long time ahead, but eventually it will take the 3DS' place somewhat even though it's a hybrid (still annoys me when people call it a handheld) but they might have a powerhouse console on the side which would be very compatible with Switches, but would have more home console-ish features. And then 3rd parties and graphic whores can have the power thing and we Nintendo fans get the best of both worlds.

OR! They will come with that Switch 2, but again will be underpowered compared to the PS5 and XBox Wacka Wacka and history will repeat itself.

I really hope this is moreso Japanese and western normal M-rated games (i.e. GTA, Resident Evil, etc), and less so pervy Japanese weeaboo games, but I fear it's the latter (as I have zero faith in Nintendo to give a shit about western developers more than a passing interest and indies), and it's just going to wind up stealing those kind of games from the Vita. Which, I guess, is better than nothing.

Someone needs to tell the House Party devs about this.....................on second thought, please don’t.

I think Nintendo should make at least one mature rated title. Reviving Eternal Darkness would be perfect.

Although I didn’t support and had no faith in the crowd funding campaign, I certainly was curious about that Eternal Darkness successor. I loved that original title. A sequel would be welcome.


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