A tiny bit of hope for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Switch (UPDATE)

UPDATE - As we speculated, it turned out to be an error.

Keymailer co-founder here. This was news to me when I saw this thread. I reached out to the management team and apparently this is, sadly, an error on our side. The game was incorrectly tagged when we imported the upcoming releases. Apologies on behalf of the company for any disappointment on this, as a Switch owner and a fan of Crash Bandicoot, I would have been as excited to play this.


Have you ever heard of Keymailer? I didn't know a thing about it until about 5 mins ago. Let's give the quick-and-dirty breakdown of what it is.

Keymailer is a one-stop-shop for content creators to get game keys directly from publishers and developers, plus it’s a bulletproof way proving who you are without laying yourself wide open to spamming.

In other words, a way for press/creators to get games. Why are we talking about this on here? Well it turns out the site has a listing for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Switch. Now we're not quite sure where that info comes from, whether it's Keymailer typing in info themselves, or Keymailer updating their database when publishers reach out with news. It's a very slight hope of something, but let's hope it's true.


Mon Oct 16 17 06:33pm
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would be pretty *clears throat* N. SANE!

I though t the rights for the trilogy belong to sony?

No Activision owns all rights to Crash, including the orginal trilogy. That's why many people thought this game could be released on Xbox One. I believe Sony has a time exclusive deal for the Crash N. Sane Trilogy (and only guessing since *rumor keeps hinting at this game coming to Xbox One and now Switch)

Activision owns Crash Bandicoot entirely. I think Sony got the timed exclusively due to money and also having access to some of the original game assets with Naughty Dog (a studio Sony owns). So I think it was more like Sony helped making this game possible and they get exclusivity since Activision was going to publish it.

I would double dip if Crash Trilogy came to the NS. Playing them on the go would be N-SANE!

Please!!! I really want to play this game on SWITCH!!!

Oh man... I knew there was a reason I was waiting.

Okay, that reason is I was going to grab it at $20ish since my plate is full anyway, but now I just want it on Switch.

I don't get why Naughty Dog sold this IP to begin with. It pretty much was an IP for Sony gamers who don't have Mario and the fact that they are now wholly owned by Sony, this just makes selling the IP to Activision all the more redundant.

That being said, I'm glad this is a time exclusive so that it can end up being a multiplat....kinda like how 99% of games are going these days.

Never got to play too much crash when I was younger, but I'd most certainly pick the trilogy up. It looks pretty good.

I'm not a fan of these games but that would be nice to see them on the Switch.

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