RUMOR - Detective Pikachu film team considering some odd actor choices for Pikachu

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, and The Rock. Rumor has it these are the 4 actors the team behind the Detective Pikachu film are considering. Obviously, they'd be providing the voice for Pikachu, as Detective Pikachu speaks English. I think these are all odd choices, but at least The Rock has dressed like Pikachu before. Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

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No DeVito, no sale. >: (

Though I'd like the ghost of George Carlin to voice Detective Pikachu.

Pikachu could be Nice Cage's magnum opus

Nicolas Cage DESERVES this job, even more than Danny DeVito.

Hugh Jackman has voiced an animated rodent before... he's not exactly Pikachu, but he might work.

I would like to hear Bryan Cranston voice the beloved Pokemon

Kelsey Grammer (Frasier, Side Show Bob) would be ideal and a lot cheaper.

The Rock > Hugh Jackman > Mark Wahlberg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ryan Reynolds.

No DeVito, no sale. >: (

Though I'd like the ghost of George Carlin to voice Detective Pikachu.

Man it would be a dream come true hearing George Carlin voicing Pikachu. I think I would love that a lot more than DeVito.

Yes yes give me The Rock

I feel like I see The Rock everywhere and while he's awesome, it definitely gets a little old. I think they should use a fresh but interesting voice.

I'm definitely rooting for The Rock in this one. If only because I'm not tired of making "You're Welcome" jokes yet.

Wed Oct 18 17 10:59pm
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Never heard of any of these people in my life, except The Rock, but I know nothing about him besides the nickname. Don't know why they wouldn't use the TPCI voice cast from the dub instead.

Never heard of Hugh Jackman?

Thu Oct 19 17 12:43pm
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I grew up with Inuyasha, Pokemon, Harry Potter and a few low-budget cartoons/movies like the Pagemaster. I've only just started to watch more modern movies in theaters that look interesting, like a Dog's Purpose, Star Wars VII, anything Disney/Pixar pumps out or something I happen to see while on TV like White House Down.

That being said, I did see some superhero things growing up, like Teen Titans and that awesome Justice League cartoon, but I wouldn't be able to remember any of the VAs off the top of my head as animation only lets you identify them through their voices or in the credits. I think the only mainstream actor I really was aware of for a long time was Anne Hathaway due to her role in the Japanese anime film "The Cat Returns". This is all mostly due to my odd upbringing but I'm slowly aware of some of the popular names, even if I haven't watched most of the hit stuff my peers did (Still never will see LOTR due to how long it is, or Titanic for the same reason outside of bits of the ending I caught on TV once)

But as long as the VA they pick for Pikachu sounds fitting for a detective and works fine, I won't mind who it is. It could literally be anyone skilled at the role and I'd be happy.

Those are some strange actor choices, for sure. I wonder who they are going to go with.

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