Super Mario Odyssey - Switch video capture support available for the game

In this tweet, the Japanse Super Mario Odyssey account mentioned that the new capture feature can be used in the game!

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I was wondering if they were got to wait on this a bit but it's nice to know it will be able day one. Man, this video capture thing came as a surprise!

Wasn't the capture function one of the main features of this game?

There's an in-game photo mode where you can pause and float the camera around, zoom in & out, apply filters and stuff. The Switch capture function just takes a screenshot basically, or records video.

Also interesting about the in-game mode, is Digital Foundry found it runs at 30fps instead of 60. It turns out it's because the mode was using higher-res models for even distant objects, and even applying some effects like anti-aliasing. So the in-game photos should look pretty good.

That's awesome I will try this out and get some cool videos.

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