RUMOR - longer clips for Nintendo Switch video recording in the future

According to a report by Kotaku UK, Nintendo is hard at work on expanding the video capture abilities on Nintendo Switch. For starters, the company's goal is to get games using its properties supported. This means that we could see updates for Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in the near future.

Next to this, Nintendo is planning to make the period you can record longer. This could range from anything between one and five minutes long. Naturally, this would require more space on the system to keep the recording rolling. Kotaku UK says the following about this: ''This would be handled by a Switch firmware update, after which all games with 30 second video capture support would be able to make use of larger recording times without needing to repatch the individual game.''

The report doesn't make clear how long it will take for these changes to appear. At the moment, the focus is on the games and getting the feature supported. It seems likely that future Nintendo titles will support video recording right out of the box.

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Written by Laura Kate Dale....

I'm out.

Thu Oct 19 17 01:35pm
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Sounds likely... Nintendo seems to be updating the features on the Switch gradually over time. Thirty seconds of recording time is just the start, they'll increase it later.

These updates give me hope that they'll add some way of sharing games between consoles.

Written by Laura Kate Dale....

I'm out.

Noooooooo, she's right 100% of the time!

Yeah, can't wait for BG&E2 on Switch (only).

But this could be an educated guess though. I am sure it's possible to have longer clips.

Yeah, Mario + Rabbids doesn't exist. Are you what: jealous she has a cool industry job or what?

Fri Oct 20 17 03:08am
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The jealousy argument is as lame as it can get. There was this special time at the downfall of the Wii U and the NX speculations where Emily Rogers and Laura Kate Dale where the big talk. They spreaded rumors like there was no tomorrow. The top of the cake wasn‘t the cherry but Mother 3 getting localized next to false informations about Breath of the Wild, the Breath of the Wild release date and various crap about the NX now known as the Switch. Of course, if you spread so much stuff there will be something that might come out true. And from what I known is that she was just the first to blabber out the Mario Rabbids leak because it was her goal to always be the first. Now people are distrusting Emily Rogers and Laura Kate Dale which is a good sign.

And believe me, jealously is not a topic here (besides, I do have a cool job in the industry too, *sigh*) including the fact that the possibility is very low that you know that her job is actually cool.

That's cool I hope it gets added to non Nintendo games as well.

Any way to grab the videos without a twitter or facebook?

I guess I could create a dummy twitter account...but I don’t want to

Thu Oct 19 17 09:01pm
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You can copy the video on a SD card.

Cool - I’ve yet to need an SD Card so will create a dummy twitter account as a workaround.

Pity they don’t let you upload directly to YouTube

Oh, yeah, in that case you don't really have a choice. :/
Yeah, it's a bit weird you can't, but at the same time, youtube is not really great for 15-30 seconds video. I hate it when the ads are longer than the video I want to watch...

Good point - maybe if they allow longer videos they’ll add YouTube

It would be far more important to expand the feature to be expanded to third party games. I want to post clips of Gunbarich, Strikers 1945, Aero Fighters 2 and soon Zero Gunner 2!

These games will need to get an update to throw the switch on.

I’m just happy that we get to record for 30 seconds. Please take time Nintendo. You made us happy enough. Thank you Nintendo!

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