Super Mario Odyssey content being leaked

We aren't quite sure how, but it appears someone has gotten access to an early copy of Super Mario Odyssey, and they are leaking all sorts of game details. They appear to have downloaded the game, which would indicate that they have access to a press copy, be it from NA/EU. They were actively posting screenshots and information on 4chan, which would be against the game's embargo.

The only other explanations are that they somehow gained access to a legitimate retail code, or manipulated the eShop servers in some way to get access. As of right now, the thread had been archived and the leak has been stopped, but please be careful out there. Thanks to Zippo for the heads up.

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Sat Oct 21 17 01:01pm
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Ha. "Zippo" letting you know about leaks. I found that kinda funny.

But this leak itself is unfortunate. I'm hoping to at least get to launch day before I encounter any major spoilers.

God I hate spoilers more than anything... Hoping it stays off social media too.

I think it's very distasteful to abuse your access to press copies like this leaker does. It's very disrespectful toward Nintendo.

Well if anything we know /v/ is still godawful

Sat Oct 21 17 01:30pm
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Great, this is going to affect the press much more than what M&L leak did. I hope you aren't affected by this RMC =(.

Wasn't the Mario and Luigi leak an actual game leak though? Where you could just download the game illegally?

Sat Oct 21 17 04:13pm
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Yes, but M&L was leaked due to a press copy (Nintendo knows who it was since the idiot never wiped their 3DS data from the leak). For this case, it is also apparently a press copy and while its not as serious as having the game available illegally, they are still breaking the embargo. Also remember that most leaks like this happen from early retail copies, but since this leak is from a game download, its pretty much likely that it is a review code Nintendo sent out. This is just going to make Nintendo have more restrictions on review copies so things like this don't happen.

Odyssey’s release will coincide nicely with me pretty much completing Stardew Valley. I’ve sunk 70+ hours in Stardew and am nearly ready to jump up superstar

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