Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - details on Mantine Surf

- points earned from Mantine Surf can be used to get items
- you can have Move Tutors teach your Pokemon moves that they couldn’t learn in last year’s games
- it’s not yet known if points can be obtained through other methods or if the points are Battle Points

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Tags: 3ds, eshop, pokemon


Hopefully Umbreon can learn a decent physical STAB move like Crunch

Payback exists and preferred due to its slowness and the Curse strategy.

Foul Play is already really effectively and better than crunch and or payback in most situations. Especially given Umbreon's high defenses and ability to stall, if they try to switch in a strong physical attacker, foul play just murders them.

hopefully incineroar can fire punch or sucker punch this time

still blows my mind to this day he couldn't in S/M.

Have they released the starter's Hidden Ability yet?

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