RUMOR - Blackbelly Skatepark might be making a return for Splatoon 2

OatmealDome has become pretty famous for datamining. He's shared all sorts of updates related to Splatoon, and his latest tweet shows us what looks like Blackbelly Skatepark. It seems the stage is going to make a return for Splatoon 2. Obviously Nintendo isn't talking about this, which is why we have it marked rumor. That said, it looks legit to us!

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Games: Splatoon 2


That's pretty awesome, I always did like this stage.

Oh wow. Adding old stuff to make a game seem like it's getting new content. Great!

I never really cared for that locale. It's okay I guess. I am really wishing for a 52 gal deco with a useful subweapon. The old version was my go-to, I don't even like using OG 52 in Splatoon 2.

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