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Not sure there was any doubt for that, but good to hear something regarding SMT

Mon Oct 23 17 08:28am
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NIS support...not really anything significant. THIS is BIG! (for those who are still into JRPGs)

Mon Oct 23 17 08:38am
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Support is support, even if gamers like me couldn't care less about most JRPGS.

Mon Oct 23 17 09:25am
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not quite, for the JRPG fans, a game like SMT is miles better than anything NIS (or idea factory System prisma gust aqcuire or any of the other developers their games have been published by NIS)

it's like saying that it's good to have that new wrestlemania game while i know nothing of the fake fighting sport. My opinion has no weight.

Mon Oct 23 17 03:14pm
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Umm, no it doesn't. That's just silly. I don't like sports games at all, but I'm very happy to see Fifa 18 and NBA 18 on Switch this year. I'm informed and competent enough to appreciate their significance and contribution to bolster the Switches lineup, thus enhancing its appeal to potential buyers.
SMT V is no different and will do the same.

feel free to disagree but this is the typical response from someone who knows very little of the games and simply believes "the more the merrier". On the topic of football (yes football) there are two game series, pro evo and fifa. Now I have been a pro evo fan back in the day so the lack of a pro evo game on the switch is a bigger problem for me since I never found fifa enticing. Yet I have not been paying attention that the latest fifa games are far better than the pro evo ones so my ignorance simply ended with "I want pro evo". I am also ignoring the fact that the switch version of fifa is inferior both visually and in terms of content so people will be let down when they see this crap. But...my ignorance makes me happy that ea decided to make a fifa game?

Today I read about VVVVVV on the switch. TODAY! Seriously, there has to be a banner for indie virtual console instead of presenting them as something new...

What are you even talking about at this point? Some people like SMT. #5 just got announced for switch. To the best of my knowledge, it's a decent RPG series. Even though I have no interest, it's likely a quality JRPG for the system. For those who want it, great. Simple. End of story.

Chill out...

back in the GC days, the announcement of an FF game was huge. Then we got FFCC. A lot of people got disappointed by that turn of events so no each game has its own value.

Mon Oct 23 17 10:43am
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I'm into JRPGs but not into SMT so I don't really care about this news. But hey, the more games for the Switch, the better (unless it's shovelware).

SMT is quite niche even for JRPG fans. These deal with more complex themes than your usual FF and are a lot darker so that may turn some people off. But for people who at least understand the brand equity of the SMT mainline, having the mainline for the switch is the biggest 3rd party announcement for the switch so far, beating a 1.5year old game by miles.

Mon Oct 23 17 08:35am
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Yeah it was obvious it would be V but its nice to have confirmation.

Edit: Also it seems to be Switch exclusive. We knew it was announced for Switch, but never knew if it was exclusive or not.

Seems to be the unspoken exclusive deals. I don't know if there actually are exclusive deals, but that seems to be the case. SMT for Nintendo, Persona for Sony, and whatever leftovers Microsoft gets from ATLUS.

Uh, wait, I thought they've confirmed it to be V back in the reveal day?

It was only confirmed to be SMT related. Could have ended up being a spin off but turns out to be mainline SMT, which is good news for Switch owners.

also the original reveal trailer had the U4 logo, this one simply states unreal engine. There is something fishy going on here especially since the jan trailer looks much better visually than this one.

Good News seems to be that we're only seeing the Switch logo now. When first announced, the project was both Switch and 3DS, I believe.
Which means more devs are finally shifting from 3DS to Switch, and a game like this is a step in the right direction.

Mon Oct 23 17 02:13pm
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Not exactly, this particular game was never in development for the 3DS. The portable logo appeared in some teasers back then because they were talking about the whole "SMT 25 anniversary projects" which is an umbrella term and actually includes this game along two upcoming 3DS games: SMT Strange Journey Redux (just around the corner) and Persona Q 2 (TBA 2018 ).

I still need to get back into SMTIV. I started some time ago but the demon system made my head spin. All the terms and nuances... (insert Scanners head-explosion)

Are these games like the FF series where the games have tveir own storied etc or do I have to play the first four to get this one?

The Former. Just like with the Persona Games. No need to go back or get the plot summary of previous games.

Thanks a bunch Smile


ehm no. SMT4 is its own world but there are very (and I mean VERY subtle nods to strange journey, a remake of which is scheduled for the 3DS as well) So feel free to start wit 4 and then depending on what you like, you can then try Apocalypse or strange journey. For me SMT3 Nocturne was just AMAZING though.

Is Strange Journey worth it? It's more like SMT Devil Summoner Soul Hackers or SMT 4?

Soul Hackers is similar to Strange Journey gameplay wise (grid based movement for "dungeons" map based for everything else) but they are drastically different in setting and even scope. SJ was considered for the SMT mainline at some point. SMT4 is full 3D with turn based battles. The Devil Survivor games have a strategy based approach in battles like x zone and fire emblem, the PS2 devil summoner has more real time elements and the persona series...are plain weird in the good way.

Basically this is a HUGELY expansive series where Atlus have tried a number of things and is worth exploring by gamers aged 25 and up.

Thanks for the answer, I stopped playing Soul Hacker after I spend a long time playing and lost in a random battle without saving and never managed to get back to the game, I'm afraid of doing the same with Strange Journey.

YES! I loved SMT IV, gonna chase SMT IV Apocalipse to finisht before this one is released.

I'm very excited about this game. Another must have for the Switch.

This is AWESOME news !
I personaly thought SMTIV was even better then Persona, I am so happy that this series remains on Nintendo ^^


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