Wii U GameCube controller adapter now works on Switch

Time to pull you Wii U accessory and GameCube controllers out of the closet! Does this hint as something to come? We have no idea, but something has to be up!

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Mon Oct 23 17 11:18pm
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Gotta be Smash bros right? There isn't a REAL reason for them to give this feature for a Gamecube virtual console. It must be for Smash because of the competitive scene...

Smash and GCN virtual console confirmed! ...I wish. ¬_¬

A Gamecube VC would be nice, I doubt it'll happen, though.

Time to pop out my Wavebirds!!!

Hmmm. Wanted to see if it worked with Wavebirds as well but couldn't get it working with even my wired controller.

I am actually really excited for this. If only it had a ZL, it would be perfect.

Hmm... would also need the control stick clickers too...

And an extra START button as well... maybe HOME button too

This will help for games that want to use analogue triggers as part of their control scheme

The problem I see though is that they still have to plan on people not having them, so how much do we really benefit from it?

Doesn't work for me either. Some people say that it randomly works after trying repeatedly, but no dice for me.

Tue Oct 24 17 01:03am
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To anyone having trouble, go to the "Search for controllers" option and it should suddenly start picking up your GC controllers.

That's what got mine working.

That worked for me, thanks! Had fun with MK8.

Not working for me...

NOW I Can use my GC-adapt it for more than Smash WiiU

Will make Mario Odyssey a better thought back now

Can't wait to play Odyssey with a Gamecube controller

Wonderful. Now I can play Mario Kart as I wait for my Joy Cons and Switch Pro to be done charging or play online without worrying of the controller dying on me mid race

...Now please get Wiimote (and connect by Classic/Pro) and Wii U Pro controllers Switch support as well

You know you can connect the Switch Pro Controller over USB as well ;)

Tue Oct 24 17 03:39am
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I know that. I'm worried it would effect the battery if I use it while it's charging and with the orange charging light going on and off when ever I turn the Switch on and off/awake and sleep. Also, the USB cable it included is a bit short to go over the couch from the outlet and I would have to sit close to the TV near the dock. I did use USB extension cable but I experienced moments where my Pro controller disconnects then reconnects mid gameplay

Woah, that's awesome. It would be perfect for a certain game...

Genuine question - what does a GameCube Controller give you that a Wii U or Switch Pro Controller doesn’t?

It has a shape and layout a lot of people love.

Honestly nothing except a bigger A button, an awful D-Pad and some comfy L and R buttons. It's mostly good for if SSB comes to the switch or if GCN VC is coming


So functionality wise there’s no need for Nintendo to continue supporting it which is odd to me that they still do specifically for one game really.

GCN VC can work with Joy-Cons and Pro Controller. All the buttons are there.

I don’t care that they continue to support it but I find it odd that out of everything it’s the one thing that they keep.

Since the adapter plugs into the USB slots, it really would be a wasted potential if Nintendo didn't at least allow people to play GCN VC with the GCN controller. I mean, it's not that weird that out of all the controllers they keep supporting this one. The adapter already exists, and it is still their best regarded controller.

Also, there is one feature the GCN controller has that newer controllers don't have. The L and R triggers are both analog and digital, meaning they can effectively be pressed down to two degrees. Super Mario Sunshine on VC certainly wouldn't be possible without that, unless they assign all 4 triggers to L and R and then set Z to Select or something, but that sounds kind of crappy. There's also some other first party games that use it, like Melee and Luigi's Mansion for example.

Tue Oct 24 17 05:35pm
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It's probably in advance for Smash (Smash fans are CRAZY about the GC controller) and to make it easier for people to have enough controllers for local multiplayer, that's one of the biggest selling point of the Switch.


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