Japan - Super Mario Odyssey preload live (UPDATE)

If you're looking to get Super Mario Odyssey digitally as soon as possible, the Japanese eShop is your best bet. The game's preload option is currently live. It'll cost you ¥6,458 and requires 5.2 GB's worth of space on your Switch.

UPDATE - Preload is now available in North America and Europe! Thanks to all who sent this in.


Tue Oct 24 17 09:47pm
Rating: 1

Hopefully NoA will allow this as well! I don't want it to turn out like Splatoon 2 did where the eShop crashed and burned from everyone trying to buy and download the game at once.

for real tho im not sure why they dont just make the preload live already.

Wed Oct 25 17 12:16am
Rating: 2

It’s now up for pre-purchase in NA and possibly all the other major areas.

Preload is still not available in Europe though. Hopefully later today?

Apparently adding just America means it's gone worldwide, typical Americans :P. Still not up in Australia.

LOL Smile The irony is that I'm currently living in America, but I'm still using my EU account.

Wed Oct 25 17 05:12am
(Updated 1 time)

Preload also available in Europe right now! ;)

Cool - it wast when I checked at 7am this morning

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