GoNintendo Video Review - Super Mario Odyssey

We unfortunately did not receive a review copy of Super Mario Odyssey in time for review. Then how did we put together a video review, you ask? NintenDaan has had access to the full game for quite some time, and he's gotten a 100% completion rating! I think he's more than justified to handle a video review for us. We teamed up to create the feature below. Hope you enjoy!

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Thanks a lot for this, I absolutely can't wait for this game I just really hope I can get it today from my usual shop. I'll call them and see if they received it or if it's going to be tomorrow. I think I have never been THAT hyped for a game, and that's saying something. As I've said numerous times, since BotW was released and called the best thing ever by so many people, I just can't wait for Mario to kick its *ss and take everyone by surprise.

Now I have nothing against BotW, I absolutely adore it, but really who's the king ?
Mario's the king ! Let's prove it to the world once again and going against Zelda, its brother licence and biggest competitor in all the "best game ever made" tops.

And also great review by the way, thank you both RMC and Nintendaan for your work ^^

Great review, I can't wait to play this tomorrow!

Guess Nintendo can started editing their Accolades trailer for Odyssey like they had with BOTW.

Perfect scores widespread.

2 “perfect” games on Switch in its first year within 8 months. #dooooooomed

Could use a subtitle track, very hard to tell what half of Daan is saying.

Looooooooooooooooooolllll. Haha.

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