Nintendo Canada says Metroid Prime: Federation Force got a "bad rap", stands by the game

Metroid Prime: Federation Force wasn't exactly met with a warm welcome from Nintendo fans. The game was bashed from the moment it was revealed all the way up to launch, and was largely ignored by consumers. Nintendo of Canada communications manager Andrew Collins feels the game got a bum rap, and spoke about it to Electric Playground.

“It was a great package. You had Blast Ball, which was this really interesting 3-player, sci-fi football. Then you also had Federation Force, a separate game itself which was this 4-player bounty hunter game, and it’s a shame because… because it didn’t feature Samus, fans were very very critical. Samus appears a tiny bit much later into the game. And so because of that, it was seen ‘we don’t want this version, get rid of it, and give us the one that we want.’ And it’s unfortunate for Federation Force because it got a bad rap, it wasn’t the game which people felt it was.”


I don't know... When I played it, I was thinking most of the time "I'd love to play a port of Metroid prime on 3DS." Now, I didn't hate FF.... But it's not great when you're thinking about how great a series used to be instead of being absorbed by the current game you're playing.

Sat Oct 28 17 02:52pm
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The magic of Federation Force is that when you play it you can be wishing you’re playing Metroid Prime OR Rocket League instead.

When it was announced, I was definitely interested. I gave it a chance. I bought it. I played it. And I didn't like it.

Same here. I bought it on sale for $10 and got about $5 worth of fun.

Ouch. I think I’d give it a try for $5. The blast ball demo was less than impressive but $5 is less than the price of a combo meal. I’m shocked it’s still holding around $30 on Amazon. Other M dropped to $10 in a hot second.

It dropped but shot up again becuase of rarity. Less then 100,000 copies made on a system with over 70milliom sales

There was nothing wrong with the game itself. It was a surprisingly well-made Team Shooter game. It was not amazing, but it was of enough quality to not be seen as the mess it is seen as. It was mostly the timing, and the artstyle, that killed the game.

Oh well. ^^

Agreed. I really liked it. It was a quality game with superb mission variety and fun co-op. But whereas Tri-Force Heroes was released among a bunch of other Zelda titles, Federation Force was the first new Metroid game in forever and fans didn't take kindly to that after waiting for such a long time. Had it been released with both MP4 and Samus Returns already announced, I think it would have been received much more favourably.

The problem with the game is that it is stuck like Tri Force Heroes where you need multiplayer to enjoy it. That and that its absurd fanbase for not wanting a "true" Metroid title is what caused the game to bomb.

Thankfully, this game didn't bomb hard enough for Nintendo to end the Metroid franchise.

I gave it a chance, and kind of enjoyed it, bht couldn’t get into it properly because no matter how I formatted it or did it or whatever, my character name was always “???????” And I have never had that problem in any other game...

My main disappointment is that it didn't add that much to the series. Nor did it got crazy enough to make the distinction more apparent.

I'm inclined to agree with Nintendo.

People just needed something to spew all their pent-up rage over Other M at, especially since many hysterically believed FF would be all we'd see of Metroid ever again even though we knew Prime 4 was coming even at the time; an interview with the developer at the time of FF's original announcement made that perfectly clear.

If Nintendo would have waited to release it after Samus Returns, it would've been more well received.

This. So much this. The only reason FF got the backlash that it did was that it was the first Metroid game after the mediocre and subpar Other M, and a 8 years after what many would consider the last "good" Metroid game.

I don't think so. Remember that there are two audiences for Metroid. One that goes in 2D and the other in 3D and if the 3D fans aren't pleased with FF even if Returns showed up, it still isn't saying much.

Sat Oct 28 17 05:08pm
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I actually really enjoyed what I played of it.

It had nothing to do with Samus not starring for me. I'm actually all for Metroid spin offs and always thought a more traditional shooter where you play as a Federation trooper (or even Space Pirate) would have been a cool thing. Unfortunately the execution of Federation Force was way off base. Awful art direction, bland gameplay and the atmosphere I look for in a Metroid game just wasn't there.

It wasn't a bad game, just wasn't anything to write home about. Massive shame really; if they'd made it look and feel more in line with the main Prime series with the same tone it could have been something cool.

While I did not play Federation Force, I think this would have been a better game if it has been designed as its own thing, something that was either greatly distinct from Metroid, or even its own property.

Sun Oct 29 17 09:38am
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I'm kinda neutral, never played it but it did look interesting. I still can't help but think it's their bad for being so disconnected with the fans. They should have known this would back fire since it was obvious what everyone really wanted.

You should be able to erase your thumbs up or down if it was a mistake.

Very true. I think had they just simply said some PR fluff at the time like "traditional Metroid isn't dead, stay tuned" the anger over this game would have been quashed significantly. Most of the hate for this came from fans clamouring for a new Metroid and getting a spin off that did away with all the series tropes with no sign that the traditional style of games would be returning. At worst people were expecting this to be the litmus test for whether or not Metroid should continue as a franchise and that was understandably frustrating.

Yes, exactly. I forgot to add just that. If they were clear, "real" Metroid is coming but in the mean time, try this...there's a good chance I would have.

If memory serves the problem I saw mentioned the most was the look of the game. You don't cutesify Metroid. I mean you can, but that is not what most fans would say they wanted. And yet, at a time when people were wondering what, if anything, Nintendo would do with Metroid they present what looked like the Muppet Babies version of Metroid. People didn't like it and were concerned what this would mean not just for this game but for future Metroid games (this was before the announcement of Samus Returns or Prime 4).

I wonder what the other 2 employees of Nintendo of Canada have to say.

The problem for me had nothing to do with how it looked or that Samus wasn't in it. It's that it played like a slow, boring, modern co-op shooter.

I enjoyed this game. I'm not even a big fan of Metroid anyway (recently played Metroid: Samus Returns, and earlier this year tried the original Metroid on Virtual Console and realized 2D Metroid games are way overrated) so not having Samus in this one meant nothing to me. That being said, having co-op was the main reason I bought this game, so if it didn't have that I would've skipped it.


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