RUMOR - Monopoly suffers from insane loading times (UPDATE)

UPDATE - It seems a restart of the Switch fixes the issue. If anyone else experiences these long loading times, please reach out and let us know.

Monopoly is now available on the Switch, and some people have hopped on the game to download it. Unfortunately, we're hearing the game has a major issue. Apparently loading times are absolutely horrendous, with it taking 3-5 minutes to load up the main menu. On top of that, a game has taken some people 8-10 minutes to get going. These loading times are hopefully a glitch that can be patched, and not the norm.

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Tue Oct 31 17 02:13am
(Updated 1 time)

Nothing to see here. The OP from that reddit thread rebooted his switch and everything works fine now, instant loads.

Yet another, "Redditor screws up and everybody knee-jerks without verifying"?

that game has been irrelevant on any console since the advent of Itadaki Street. Shame on you S-E for not understanding its target audience in the west.

I wish the new Itadaki Street was on Switch...

Tue Oct 31 17 03:17pm
(Updated 1 time)

Didn't Fortune Street bomb on the Wii? I don't blame SE for skipping the West.

Tue Oct 31 17 06:26pm
(Updated 1 time)

I have shown this game to non gamers and gamers alike. Once the game is PROPERLY explained (dear S-E) there was NO ONE who did not want to keep playing.

this was the worst wasted opportunity on the wii by miles as they could simply not make the tutorial good enough and market the game properly. Once you learn this, you NEVER go back to monopoly, it makes it look like a child's toy

also some reviewers of the game simply did not get it.

Ah almost as long as it takes for Oxenfree to load the next area.

I miss those "New Smash Bros. Character" memes...

Tue Oct 31 17 11:58am
(Updated 1 time)

*Wish I could delete this...*

If this version is anything like the PS4 version, there are other issues this game has...

this wasnt just a 1 person issue .. the first reviews on amazon all give the slow loading issue review, and bring up the same issues from the ps4/xbo version still exist in this one..

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