Switch sells over 2 million in Japan alone, thanks to Super Mario Odyssey boost

With Super Mario Odyssey spurring on another boost in sales, the Switch has now moved over 2 million units in Japan. Switch sales clocked in at 133,094 units for Super Mario Odyssey's launch week, with the bulk of these sales coming from the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle. Also worth pointing out, last week was the biggest round of Switch stock Nintendo had sent to retailers in the last 4 months.


This game is an absolute beast!

Wed Nov 01 17 06:56am
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There is just no denying that Mario easily prints Nintendo money.

And yet, people still bash at the poor plumber...which is sad.

Wed Nov 01 17 02:05pm
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It really sort of is sad.

No one has to like Mario games, but at the end of the day, he’s a Titan and icon on which huge parts of the industry were built on.

And the quality is always there and they have this special magical knack to take a game like Odyssey and make it feel familiar and absolutely Mario at its core, yet fresh and surprising all at the same time.

I wish Nintendo the best with Super Mario Odyssey because they’ve earned every bit of it.


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