EA holding off on making more Switch games until they "fully understand" the system's demand

I mean, you can't even act surprised here. People saw this one coming from a mile away. When that year is up and people come around to ask EA what's up, I bet we get another wishy-washy answer. So let's say EA does plan to support Switch more after its first year. Then it'll be another year until they actually get a game out the door? Doesn't seem like it makes much sense to me.

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Wed Nov 01 17 03:50pm
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Funny, I'm not in a rush to buy their games either. On Switch or PS4.

Wed Nov 01 17 03:49pm
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For crying out loud!!!! Put damn Plants vs Zombies on the Switch, it'll sell. Hire me EA!!!! I have it figured out for ya.

Oh, piss off, EA. Still seething from the OrigiNN deal by any chance?

I fucking figured. Release a shit game, get bad reception and sales, then promise UNPRECEDENTED SUPPORT for the rest of the system's life. Fuck EA.

The funniest thing is that they sold almost 100% of what they shipped. The game could literally NOT have sold better.

Unless I am overlooking something, EA has not made a game in many years that I have wanted to buy.

Wed Nov 01 17 03:51pm
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Gotta test the waters before knowing it's time to test the waters for water testing...

Then we'll be serious and release a test game to test the waters.

Maybe they're just firing the team that was making a Switch game. 'Cause it didn't had enough lootboxes.

I thought they removed that feature cause Switch owners wouldn't understand the concept of it.

Wed Nov 01 17 03:57pm
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"Our industry is evolving faster and more dramatically than ever before. The games we want to play and spend time with, the experiences we want to have in those games, and the way we play…all those things are continually changing. So is the way games are made. In this fast-moving space, we are always focused on creating experiences that our players want to play…and today, that means we’re making a significant change with one of our upcoming titles."

In short, it seems until they can monetize more on the Switch, it seems they won't make more stuff.

EDIT: Also no rush in making Star Wars games either. Maybe just catching up until episode 9.

its time for this company to go out of business, im sorry. they havent contribute much of anything worth noting this gen. last gen was good, the gen before was great. EA is just not worth the bother. how they nba live sell? most of their ps4 and xbox projects flopped, yet they still support them..lol

Wed Nov 01 17 05:09pm
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This. EA needs to sell off their IP to other companies and just end their business. They've been ruining their franchises (see Need for Speed Payback, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and Mass Effect Andromeda) and buying companies only to turn them into shells of their former selves (see Bioware) or just outright killing them (see Visceral Games). I used to love EA's games (and still love some of their older games), but nowadays they're just cancerous to the gaming industry.

AKA pay us bundles of money like Sony and Microsoft do to secure various timed / exclusives etc.

When Fe sells better on Switch than X1 and PS4 combined, maybe somebody at EA will realize that feature parity in a game designed to appeal to Nintendo's audience is a better gauge of profit potential than what they've been doing.

So in other words they're crappy port didn't sell gangbusters and they're dropping support all together

They didn't ship gangbuster, how could it sell gangbuster?
Ugly quick self-made "meme" in spoilers...

I don't support EA or Ubisoft for doing this shit. Glad so many 3rd party developers are out there working hard, they're the ones getting all my money these days!

Everything about EA is just so aweful. No wonder they get voted worst company multiple times.

At least they make money re-releasing the same sports titles over and over, though.

What they mean is.... They can't make more switch games until they are sure Switch owners are gullible enough to buy lootboxes and game-completing dlc

Its OK., don't go changing' EA. lol SMH

At first I really did give them (with scepticism) the benefit of the doubt with FIFA Switch. But you can't even play with your friends online? Say what? Seriously? OK, The Switch's online infrastructure isn't finished yet, obviously, but other games let you play with friends. Of course your (not even) half assed version isn't going to sell. Specially now that the Switch has loads of quality games.

From what I read on forums, NintenDoom might sell pretty good. Sure hope so. They actually tried it seems.

I would have loved a Star Wars game for Switch. Something like the RS games were. With story modes and all. Could have some great online dogfights also. But guess that'll never happen.

Just don't whine that the Nintendo userbase don't purchase your games- Nintendo fans also like quality, believe that or not.

I can't really think of any games EA makes that I really see as "must have" games, so no big loss to me.

I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt with Fifa but I'm cool on EA. It would've been nice to have you around for Madden's sake but I'm ok without it. You do it to yourself.

Who here bought FIFA 18?

No one?

Theres ya reason right there.

Could you disclose that you're a paid EA spokesperson? Thanks.

It was on the best sellers list in the eshop for quite sometime. Might even still be. Haven't checked. But I bought it. Wish I wouldn't have now.

oh no not EA all those games like ... sports and ... sports that I will miss out on every year I sure am going to miss all those microtransactions.

That's actually really nice of them. A few less games on the shelf that I know I won't buy.

EA has anyone ever told you you're your own worst enemy?

Wed Nov 01 17 10:05pm
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I bought NFSMW and ME3:SE for Wii U and BF 1 on PS4, that was the last of my EA support.
I am an old school gamer, who LOVED the Sim City series, when EA acquired Maxis Studios, EA just killed the creativity within that company. You cannot just piss off and drive away Will Wright, from the very company he founded, and expect the game industry to look away/forget.
Does anyone remember how good of studio Westwood was? Command and Conquer anyone? Before EA ruined them too.

Thu Nov 02 17 08:40am
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I don't know what this is, but I refuse to believe it's anything but "New Fucking Super Mario World"


Really?! Seriously?!
Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

D-Did you even read the spoiler tag?

I can't even use the "UNPRECEDENTED PARTNERSHIP" joke/meme anymore because the shit EA has been pulling on Nintendo platforms for years is precedented...

From the sounds of the direction they're heading with scrapping a single player Star Wars game from an awesome developer to retool into something more geared towards the "current market" (i.e. microtransactions, loot boxes etc.) I can't say I care much. I was excited for Battlefront 2 too and was a little disappointed that it wasn't coming over to Switch- all before seeing the absolutely abhorrent progression system. EA can keep it.

The only thing they have going for them is NHL for me. Not having that on Switch would be sad but other than that EA has become a machine that chews up quality devs and IP and spits them out with no respect for the people that work on the games or their fans- and they were pretty garbage even before now. All that said it'll still be a blow for the Switch if they don't continue support since they are still an important publisher but the way they're headed not having games on Switch won't bother me much. I very rarely buy their games on PS4 as it is.

The sports games are crucial to have on switch but not much else. Hopefully that indie game they're helping publish will do well enough to get more indies and their sports titles on the system at the very least.


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