GoNintendo Video - Super Mario Odyssey's musical tribute to old-school Bowser

Let's take a look at another musical Easter egg in Super Mario Odyssey. This time we hear a sneaky tribute to a classic Mario and Bowser battle!

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I noticed this right away, but as usual with references to this particular battle theme, I recognized it more from Super Mario RPG than Mario 3. Just me.

Thu Nov 02 17 09:08pm
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Same here, I recognized it from Super Mario RPG right away.

Cool beans. I didn't pick that up unfortunately (been years since I've played it) but I did suspect or hope, rather there some secret hook to the level music that I couldn't hear.

Nice catch, RMC!

I just got to this level today and didn't catch the similarity at the time.

Hah, the more shocking reveal than this music easter egg (which is pretty cool by the way) is the fact that RMC is talking in the video. Haben‘t noticed it till the end of the video when he introduced himself. Watched so many Go Nintendo Podcasts but he sounds different without seeing his face xD

I didn't pick that up either, that's awesome !
I haven't played Mario 3 in its entirety for quite a long time so that might explain why. Pretty cool anyway, thanks !

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