Capcom not planning to port Monster Hunter World to Switch, will consider Switch support for future titles

Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter: World to the PS4 and Xbox One, but Switch is being left out. Monster Hunter XX Switch is only available in Japan, and fans in NA/EU are quite upset that they're being left without either Monster Hunter option to enjoy on Nintendo's new platform. Wondering what's going on? Capcom's Kaname Fujioka spoke to Eurogamer about the issue, and stayed kind of tight-lipped on the matter.

“Unfortunately we can't really say at this point. There's no room to say we're porting our current software to Nintendo hardware. It comes down to what we've already said - we want to deliver the perfectly adapted game for the hardware we have in mind. That was our design concept, and our mission from the very beginning. Being able to adapt Monster Hunter for those systems - adapting that to different hardware doesn't really work this time around. But in the future, thinking of something like the Switch, we'll think about how to adapt it for that platform.”


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Sat Nov 04 17 12:27pm
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You know, for being one of the few companies that literally helped Nintendo decide on Switch specs, they sure are being literal garbage right now.

Capcom was one of my favourite developers on 3DS and now both Capcom and me are like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sat Nov 04 17 12:27pm
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You know, for being one of the few companies that literally helped Nintendo decide on Switch specs, they sure are being literal garbage right now.

Sat Nov 04 17 12:29pm
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That's cool. Have fun putting games out on other systems that continually underperform

We know Sony paid you off capcom to make sure you don't bring World to Switch. Wouldn't it be refreshing for Capcom to just be honest and be up front about it.

If they did that, it would break all sorts of NDAs and severely damage relationships whether we like it or not. At least they were honest about the reasoning for their other games not hitting the switch (due to dev starting way before Switch was a thing for most of their 2016 games to prevent late ports)

Why only sony? This game is not exclusive on ps4

It IS in Japan. And that says everything.

Not really...Xbox has always had a very small presence in Japan so it's more likely they saw no point in publishing it on Xbox there. Ignoring Xbox for the rest of the world would have been a mistake, hence the multiplatform release.

My guess for it going to the other consoles is that they didn't gauge the popularity of Switch well enough at all. Which is odd considering portables in Japan always do great (even PSP and Vita performed well) so why they didn't consider it as a 3DS successor and put a ton of support behind it is just odd.

It's also coming out on PC elsewhere, and not in Japan. It's not just a matter of the XBox, Sony DID pay to get it exclusive to their platform in the one territory where that franchise is big.

Sat Nov 04 17 06:23pm
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There's been games from other publishers (Tecmo-Koei and Namco-Bandai, I believe) where the Xbox One version of their games didn't release in Japan.

The Xbox One has been selling significantly worse in Japan than the Xbox 360 did, that they don't even think it's worth releasing a Japanese versions of their games on it. For the week of Oct 23 to Oct 29, Xbox One sold only 97 consoles, and then it was only 69 consoles the week before!


There's no need to pay for exclusivity against an Xbox version in Japan. It's yet to even break 1m consoles in the region. It's simply not considered competition anymore in the region.

To be honest, if the Xbox One X fails to catch on globally, I'm not even sure if Microsoft will pursue another console after this.

It's like I wrote a few times, the game is not a Sony exclusive, but Sony definitely put money into this project. As mentioned, exclusives announcements, Japan domination, promotion, exclusive content like the Horizon costumes and so on. Making it the "The best place to play Monster Hunter World". There will most likely be exclusive enhancements for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

But let's also face it, World wouldn't perform so well on the Switch Hardware. It's simply not powerful enough. And no one wants a half assed port either. On the other hand, there is actually no reason to not support the Switch. The statement of the Capcom rep is far from optimistic. You can read through his words, currently, Capcom is not planning with the Switch and this seems to be the case for another long period. The reason why Capcom decided this way is a mystery though.

Currently, their Sony partnership haven't paid off. Street Fighter V bombed and the Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Remaster bombed. Their other Multi-Plat Games bombed as well or are behind expectations like Resident Evil VII. Investing in the Switch wouldn't be so bad. But we all know Capcom. This company is led by people who made the wrong decisions for many years and that's the reason they lost a huge amount of quality to all their products.

I’m wondering if this game will fail like I think it might. Surely it will sell better on PS4, but even then, it seems like it’s missing their target audience.

That's just it they are targeting a western audience with this one.which means poor sales in Japan and even worse here in the states where the majority of gamers are to busy playing yearly instalments of Madden and COD to care about anything else. The few of us who'd rather play games with actual creative integrity have a switch or plan to buy one.

Well, I take it they don’t care about World’s sales in Japan since they have the more traditional MH game to appease those gamers. It’s especially a shame because it seems like MH fans are more forgiving of a game that doesn’t look crazy realistic, as long as the core gameplay mechanics that they love are there. Worlds seems like a big financial risk, and I’m not sure it’s going to pay off.

I can already tell you it sounds like there will be a big audience for it on PC. Everyone I know is buying it for PC, basically and I've seen a lot of interest in that version on the Monster Hunter reddit.

Something seriously strange is going on with Capcom...How do you have input into the console's core design and then not support it with some of your biggest franchises ESPECIALLY considering the wild Switch sales as of late?

There must have been some sort of serious strain in the relationship between Capcom and Nintendo quite recently.

Sat Nov 04 17 12:51pm
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It's not the first time Capcom shirked away from Nintendo. They jumped on the PS1 train after Nintendo's N64 release. That doesn't mean Capcom skipped the entire N64 era though by releasing only three games, with one being a port of Mega Man Legends, a Tetris game, and the last was a port of Resident Evil 2.

Capcom's management only wants to make short-term mass money. They don't care if screwing other companies damages them long-term with things like cancelling Mega Man Legends 3 and running Kenji Inafune out of the company (pre-Mighty No. 9 debacle).

Capcom have always been willing to sell their soul to the highest bidder. They are constantly willing to do console exclusivity deals and back stab one of their fan groups just to make a quick buck.

Sat Nov 04 17 12:44pm
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So let me get this straight....

Capcom was the one that told Nintendo to increase the Switch's power. They do that and for some dumb reason Capcom decides NOT to port their games to Switch?

What's so hard about porting their games to Switch. I can atleast understand Pheonix Wright but this one?

Not to mention that Disney Collection, it's like... Are they allergic to easy money?

I'll be getting this on the XO, but it really is getting old with the "wait and see" approach from these companies. The Switch is selling like batshit crazy. Support it already!

This is very disappointing news from a very disappointing company. As for Monster Hunter world? I'm sure purests will have mixed feelings and casuals might not see an appeal. Personally, I don't see it selling well for Xbone. It just doesn't seem like a game that appeals to the crowd. Ps4, I'm sure will do well in Japan, but Na might be a different story. That crowd seems to buy mostly the same games as Xbone owners.

The part that really gets to me is the fact that monster hunter selling like gang busters on a Nintendo handheld has picked up the slack for their other titles that haven't sold all that well. The thanks Nintendo fans continued support gets them is what? A chance to buy the game on a different system? Monster Hunter sells like crazy on the 3ds in Japan. It seems people love taking it on the go. I think it's only logical that a game like monster hunter should also do well on the switch, which the Japanese has flocked to. If the 3ds port isn't selling well and that is influencing their decision, then that's on Capcom. Even Japanese people with their seemingly endless love for the franchise might be getting tired of buying the same game with slight changes over and over. Which would make even more sense to localize it here and give a new audience a chance to enjoy it.

Jeeze, I wrote more than I wanted to, but Capcom really chaps my ass with this stuff.

Thing is they also said they would not make G-rank to generations.. and they did..

Would never expect it. Remember Disney Afternoon Collection, and Megaman Legacy collection 2 lol.

Fall in line right behind EA Crapcom.

switch is eating up japan market. you know the japanese market wants a graphical monster hunter for sure, but the thing is they prefer that in portable mode. theres no reason for capcom to ignore the switch at all, especially with monster hunter.

Honestly, MH World is looking so good and refreshing that at this point I almost don't care if MHXX never releases here. Which is a shame because I think the Switch is the PERFECT platform for Monster Hunter. I hope we get a "Portable"-style Fifth Gen MH for Switch eventually.

Sat Nov 04 17 03:39pm
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Koei Tecmo, now it's the time to make a badass Toukiden for Switch and win!

Then they should just port XX over. How flippin hard can that be when Japan already has it?

Sat Nov 04 17 04:21pm
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What a joke! Capcom made requests about hardware design, Nintendo implemented them, now they're barely supporting Switch! Bullshit!

I'm not even a fan of the series, but are PS4 fans upset they're not getting MH XX? I know it does suck at first, but not every game is gonna come to every system and that's why it's best to have more than one.

Capcom of today is very different than the Capcom of the early 2000's that were very strongly partnering with Nintendo on the GameCube.

Also, I hadn't heard anything about Capcom having a say in the Switch's specs. When was this confirmed? I think they were the first ones given access to the 3DS's extra RAM with the MH games though so I don't doubt that it could be true.

Not really MHXX in particular, but Sony fans have been very upset about the lack of Monster Hunter on PS systems in the past few years. I saw lots of PS owners disgruntled that they went to Nintendo so they could continue reusing the same assets a million times, along with how they didn't put a multiplat version of 3 on PS Vita to save that system when it could. (since MH3DS was one of the games that saved the 3DS back in 2011 in Japan) The only multiplat one in recent years was Frontier G but that was an MMO and not as popular as the main entries, so a LOT of my PS4 owning friends (including myself as someone who hated 3) are eager to see how this shapes up on the PS4 since they're finally ditching the old assets.

If anything, some people are happy that Nintendo gets the uglier, "inferior" version of MH for Switch since a few Sony MH fans that took the series a bit too seriously believed Capcom backstabbed them when MH came to the 3DS/Wii/Wii U since the series started on the PS2 and stuck on the PSP for a while. (Sounds familiar...) Honestly, I can't help but side with them to an extent, as while I think console exclusives are dumb at times if a sequel is released only on one system, (ESPECIALLY for story based games like Resident Evil, Mega Man Legends, etc) for games like MH any particular entry could do for a new system, and since the series used the same assets for ages an HD game was a really, really big deal and since Nintendo systems aren't holding the game back anymore, the game will get a chance to shine and actually look new for a change.

I do hope if they bring a future MH game to the Switch, they base it off the World engine since it's hard to look at the old MH games now with how pretty World looks, unless you make a spinoff with a good art style in mind like MH Stories (which would also count as a nice change of pace for the series if World didn't exist.)

Sat Nov 04 17 07:20pm
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Sounds good to me, something to play on the PS4 and something to play on the switch for the future. The gonintendo comment section can be so toxic sometimes.

The switch seems like the perfect console for monster hunter so Sony must have money hatted hard. Hopefully it works out for capcom cause they're sort of bleeding and you would think they would want their games on everything with a processor.

Nintendo refused to pay teh amount of money Capcom wanted to keep MH exclusive to Nintendo. That's why they are being all bitter about Switch support. It all boils down to Capcom's company politics and mismanagement of tehir top franchises.

I don't expect it too.
But at least localize XX!

Not porting World is one thing, but not localizing XX is just stupid!

I'm sure the Switch will get its own Monster Hunter game down the line, but we won't hear anything concrete about it until after the launch of World. Their focus is on the next-gen version right now, so anything Switch-related will have an impact on MHW's sales.

I can't tell how successful the game will be in the west, but I know World had one of the longest waiting lines at Gamescom and everyone was very excited. As am I. The 20 minute play session was more than enough to win me over.
It's already hard for me to go back to 3 Ultimate after 4 and Generations. But World convinced me that the Switch will need a very similar kind of MH experience. Otherwise I'll probably stay on PS4.
(would buy a Switch version anyway :D )

That's bad for the Switch as a platform. But for me, i don't care about Monster Hunter (and online games).

But i would like to get a Monster Hunter Stories sequel on the Switch. I loved that game on the 3DS and spent around 60 hours in it.

Mon Nov 06 17 09:00am
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MH is big in Japan so I think it will do fine on PS4 there.

As for the rest of the world, I think it may underperform even with it being on 3 platforms (PS4, One, PC.) In the time from MH Tri on Wii to now, a majority of the western brand building for MH has been on the backs of Nintendo systems (and usually done with a good heap of Nintendo’s money.) Turning your backs on the western Nintendo-owning gamers who bought Tri/Ultimate, 4, etc... isn’t a smart choice in my opinion.

They better hope they didn’t get this one wrong and the game meets sales expectations, or they will have investors screaming them down about far too many of their recent management decisions. Especially as the Switch continues its massive success in Japan and abroad.

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