Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Nintendo Direct live-stream recording and blog

- Japanese voiceover and English subs available as free DLC on launch day
- core crystals are what get you various blades for your driver
- wildlife changes depending on the time and weather
- you can find unique battles and monster them, which will then leave a tombstone behind
- you can visit this tombstone and take on the battle again
- aux cores and core chips can be used to strengthen blades
- blades also have affinity charts which can expand their abilities
- you can have heart-to-hearts with characters to strengthen bonds
- send out blade groups on missions on their own to report back with findings, which can be used to level u
- there are salvage points where you can dive to find treasure and more, but there might also be enemies
- Titans have special landmarks that you can easily travel back to at anytime
- there are also secret areas you can visit, some of which require a special time of day to access
- trade items for gold and more at special trading posts
- the Argentum Trade Guild has merchants that offer everything you could want
- place certain items in your characters' pockets to boost them during battle
- Tiger Tiger is a special retro game to enhance the artificial blade Poppi
- Poppi has different aspects of element customization exclusive to her
- attackers, tanks, and healer blades are available to mix and match in your party
- there are three types of combos to master as well: Driver, Blade, and Fusion
- Expansion Pass available to preorder today
- Zelda: Breath of the Wild getting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC on Nov. 9th


Game looks great. Day one purchase for me. Long term dlc is nice to have. Also like the cross promotion with Zelda. May have to get a second pro controller on December 1st as well.

Looked great. Based on X (which did had DLC that the west got for free) and Chronicles, I am sure the story is complete enough where the DLC doesn't feel like "cut-content". But as always when it comes to expansion passes, its always better to wait until all of it is release before buying it.

And I though BOTW was a long game..... XC2 looks deep.

I really think that they missed a great chance to really show off the English dub... I wonder if that is a sign of things... Either way, excited for XBC2!

The English dub got lukewarm reactions last time and people have been clamoring for the Japanese va option. I'll still be giving the English va a shot of course, personally.

If I recall correctly, what we have been hearing of the English cast were very short and small voice clips, so I don't think that was the ideal way to show off the cast. With all the talking that was being shown during their Japanese VO showcase, it would have been the perfect time to show off the English cast also.

I can go either way with the Voice Acting, but part of the reason I liked XBC1 so much was because I thought the English dub work for that game was really well done!

YES ! Japanese audio all the way.

I am very happy to see Nintendo caring for such things. They already quickly reacted and enabled Zeldas japanese audio track.

Good news.

It's €30,00 in The Netherlands.

Wait, what? I checked a few sources, and it's €60 from Nintendo themselves and the lowest retail price I can find is €53,90

Tue Nov 07 17 11:33am
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With the early trailers we got (and the long former Nintendo Direct presentation it had,) this Direct makes me more enthusiastic than the previous showcases it had. Although, I wish they would delve into how mechanics within the game are used or what buttons we press during combat, I do like the freedom of controlling what classes and abilities my party has (and plenty of secrets in the open-field.)

They moved forward by adding choice, now remove english in future games and there won't be a way to ruin the game and upset those that desire Japanese only language.

Why remove an option for English voices? I refuse to buy a game if it has Japanese only voices. I like to have an English option in the game, I will not Switch to Japanese (since I don't understand a word of it)

That was more mockery than anything. Since that stance has been very stoic since the meme-ridden translation of Awakening and Fates some select few of the internet feels strongly that removing English all together will encourage better profits and the game will be of its "intended" pure form.

Tue Nov 07 17 12:40pm
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I can't tell if you're being serious or not, but in case you're serious: How does an English option ruin the game for you and even upset you?

EDIT: And then you replied to SanderEvers, clearing it up you weren't serious

My guess is that usually in today's games, you don't really get English quality voice actors that often and for RPGs, its really rare to see depth in voice acting. Just look at the horrible voicing done for a Hat in time.

Then there's also the Voice acting strike law thing still taking place making it harder for developers to get quality voice acting for games that need them as games like Dragon Quest 11 could benefit a lot from.

Nonetheless, I agree that English voice option hardly ruins the overall game experience unless you're someone like me who like the original experience in which case, getting Japan voices seems legit.

Oh, definitely. For most anime, I prefer the original Japanese voice cast, so I completely understand wanting to have Japanese voices, especially for a game like Xenoblade Chronicles. And I am happy for this option. I personally have to decide whether to go for it or not. I'll at least download that DLC so that I can decide to switch at any time if the English voice cast doesn't speak to me...

So happy about the Japanese VO DLC option! Seems like Nintendo is hitting all the right notes for the purists recently, with the patch for BotW and the DLC option for Fire Emblem Warriors. Highly appreciated!

I'll do my first playthrough in English, future ones in Japanese.

So, Pyra really is Millenia.

The Blade / Battle system still sounds overly complicated, but the kingdoms etc. remind me of a more serious Skies of Arcadia so I'm in!

Tue Nov 07 17 05:43pm
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The battle system kind of reminded me of the original Xenoblade Chronicles, where there's a lot you can do and a lot that's going on, but you're introduced to all these elements one by one, so it doesn't become very overbearing. I am hoping it'll be the same in XC2 so that you can kinda get into the battles gradually

Eh, I don't think there's anything Nintendo can show me to like this game. The only thing I did like was that mini game. There's too many games this year anyways with DLC still coming out for them so I guess it's cool.

Game looks amazing, but can't think it will be as grand as the first one. But I am geting this day !

So excited for this game!

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