Nintendo on hitting Wii-levels with Switch, medium & long-term plans in place, contingency plan if Switch falters

This comes from Nintendo's official investor Q&A, which was held on Oct. 31st, 2017. The full English translation became available today, and can be accessed here.

Very interesting to hear Nintendo has some plans in the works if things don't go well with Switch at some point. Right now they have plenty of content lined up, but if the tide turns and Switch starts to falter, Nintendo is ready to move in a new direction.

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Switch doesn't have to do Wii Numbers to be a bigger success. It's more important that software sales are in tandem with hardware rather than people buying a Wii Sports box.

Though its again, too early to say this...maybe next year might mean something.

Hopefully their contingency plan would be a little better than the one they had for Wii U, which was to put out shit for games for two years and move all significant development to the next hardware.

Yeah, I'm not bitter about that $350 paperweight. Not at all.

contingency plan was obviously to release The New Nintendo 2D-3D-4DS and continue making games for that hardware well into 2025..

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