Switch responsible for 19% of Ubisoft's Q2 revenue, thanks to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle & more

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was a hit with gamers and critics alike, which means it was a hit for Ubisoft as well. The game generated 19% of Ubisoft's Q2 results. There were certainly other games on the Switch from Ubisoft in Q2, but it was Mario and Rabbids who did the heavy lifting.


Now lets see EA's lol

I'm more interested in Capcom's. lol

Tue Nov 07 17 03:32pm
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They didn't give out the exact numbers but the Switch games they have out apparently did pretty well for them. "Smash hit" for Ultra Street Fighter 2 and "performed strongly" for Monster Hunter XX. They certainly left money on the table for their lackadaisical approach. Those collection of Disney/Megaman games could've made them some nice change.

Now with Let's Dance released - let's see how the Nintendo share will be next Q - also: Switch is something for newish and odd game concepts which needs C R E A T I V I T Y (something EA likes to kill for profit)

can we have a 3d rayman again now?

Michel Ancel said himself he'd like to make Rayman 4 after he's done with Wild and BG&E2 :


19 isnt bad, provided they hardly have much of anything on the system minus another port of rayman.

I really hope that might make it possible for them to revisit the Rabbids/Mario crossover, not necessarly in a sequel, but in other collaborations, like Rabbids in Mario Kart, Smash etc.

Wed Nov 08 17 03:09am
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I hate Ubisoft like I hate school. Lot of their games are DRM thanks to U-Play, they screwed up Rayman big time and on top of all that, their games besides Rayman are hardly polished.

However, since Nintendo is the one that published this game, I might get into it when I get the Switch.

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