Lords of Thunder hitting Wii U VC tomorrow in North America

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Prepare to be amazed by the intensity of Lords of Thunder!

Lords of Thunder is a side-scrolling shooter that has you take on the role of a legendary warrior, blasting enemies to heavy-metal tunes. Your enemies are plotting to revive Zaggart, "The Dark One," who was sealed beneath the six continents of Mistral. It’s up to Landis, descendant of the heroic Dyu, to stop them. Choose the order in which to attack the six stages. Before each stage, select one of four magic armors and use crystals you've collected during your battles to buy items. Then get ready to face awesome enemies like a fire-spewing sea serpent or a giant insect.

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All-time great shoot-em-up soundtrack, here.

From what I can remember it's supposed to be pretty good even as a whole, isn't it ?

I am more partial to verts than horizontals, but yeah, it is a pretty solid game.

The music is superlative, tho.


That's what I was about to answer, it's probably worth it though.

The Wii U still exists?

Yeah I got excited there and then realized it was for Wii U. I'm not sure I am ever going to purchase anything on this console now.

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