L.A. Noire - details on changes, tweaks, and new content for Switch

L.A. Noire is hitting Switch next week, and today's trailer confirms some tweaks for the game. In the original release, players got to choose from “truth/doubt/lie” during gameplay. As you can see in the image above, that has now been changed to good cop/bad cop/accuse.

The Switch version of L.A. Noire contains the original game, plus the DLC cases, new collectibles, and new suits that give Phelps unique abilities. This all comes across in 1080p when docked, but a lower resolution in portable mode. Furthermore, when you’re searching a crime scene for clues, you can use Joy-Con motion controls to check objects for distinctive marks. You can even use motion controls for aiming and fighting.

Finally, there's plenty of touch screen options when playing in handheld mode. You can zoom into areas with items of interest, double-tap items to interact with them, and drag you finger left or right to rotate the objects.

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Thu Nov 09 17 03:02pm
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Yeah... But, why the good/bad cop change?

Apparently it wasn't originally "Truth/Doubt/Lie" either.

It was Coax, Force and Lie. Hence Cole's kinda baffling behaviour at times.

I remember that many times it felt like gambling choosing Truth/Doubt/Lie, it was not about if the guy was really saying the truth or not for you, but what aproach would made him tell you more information, so Good/bad cop seems more apropriate.

Oh, so that's why it cost more on the Switch, physically and digitally!

I don't really agree with the change from truth/doubt/lie to good cop/bad cop/accuse. Truth/doubt/lie makes mores sense from what I've played of the original PC version, obviously nothing gamebreaking, but still a weird change. Everything else sounds great. Definitely not gonna buy this immediately, since I do have it on PC, but I might eventually pick it up when it drops in price.

why does amazon not carry this? i want my prime discount

wish the digital was cheaper too


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