Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Twitter update for Nov. 10th, 2017

Monolith Soft gives us a look at two Rare Blades in today's Twitter update. First up we have Mikumari, a Blade with the Water attribute, and some serious lance skills. She was designed by CHOCO, with Ayane Sakura providing the voice. Then we have Seori, who uses an ice sword to go along with her Ice attribute. She was also designed by CHOCO, with Ayako Kawasumi handling voicework.


Kimishima: "I have an idea of how to make Nintendo the best again. But..."

Reggie: "But?"

Kimishima: "Yes. Butts."

Reggie: "Brilliant!"

It's certainly a strategy that works.

People see butts, people want to see more of said butt so buy game. Pretty sure this is how Overwatch works by this point.

Indeed. I'd never buy anything just because it has butts or huge chests or cookies, but yeah, it seems that the, dare I say, waifu and fanservice strategy is really helping Nintendo right now. As well as their more prominent dark-skinned characters. Twintelle is all of the above, even, hah.

I do wish they could show off some obvious fanservice for at least one male character, though.

Its odd people seem to keep forgetting this guy :


There was also another male blade that looked kinda fanservicy announced in the Direct. Although obviously the ratio between female and male fanservice is disproportionate.

I'd buy a game for cookies.

The worst looking so far o_O
What is this abomination ?

On a more serious note I do wonder how all these different designs are going to fare together ? I know blades are supposed to be some sort of android so the differences in style might be justified this way, but still I hope it won't be too distracting for the visual identity of the title.

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