Splatoon 2 - Sci-Fi Vs. Fantasy Splatfest announced for North America

Finally, a Splatfest I can easily make a choice for! While I have nothing against fantasy, I am team Sci-Fi all the way! Can't wait to get out there on Nov. 17th and lose it for my team!

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That's a really difficult choice. I have no idea what I'm going to pick up :/

Then choose between Pearl and Marina. Oh wait, that's equally difficult...

Not if you acknowledge the obvious fact that Marina is clearly the better of the two of course!

I have to go with sci fi since I like so many different kinds of sci fi. I really only like fantasy when it is very pretty and elegant.

Fri Nov 10 17 02:19pm
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Looks like another one where I'll have to pick Pearl. :/ Also, on a slightly related note, there seems to be a distinct lack of sci-fi RPGs nowadays. There's Mass Effect, but we all know how Andromeda turned out. I can't think of any others made in the last few years off the top of my head.

I was originally all-Fantasy. But the quality of Sci Fi media (books, movies, shows, games) have trounced Fantasy to an almost unfair degree (except in the tabletop and MMO department) in these past years in particular, that I switched to Sci Fi.

But in the past year, I've gotten back into Fantasy... And I'll be voting for it.
Sorry, Pearl.

I prefer Modern Fantasy. But they only say Fantasy. Hum...

I pretty solidly stick with fantasy so far as my gaming goes, with some sci-fi here and there of course... but generally watch a whole lot of Star Trek (all series) plus Doctor Who, so... sci-fi for my TV habits. Of course there's also the simple fact that Marina's team almost always loses, but I generally side with her choice... gonna probably go with Fantasy here.

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