Doom - Version 1.1 available

Version 1.1 (roughly 8GB)

- multiplayer functionality
- additional game fixes
- audio for supported languages other than English

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Long shall we remember 1.0... in which we couldn't even make it past the initial splash screens...

So the multiplayer download IS required if you want bug fixes, as I suspected.

It's required if you want to play at all...

Only if you want to play multiplayer..

When I started the game it forced me out with an update and restart dialog before I could even reach the main menu.

I just lent it to my nephew and he played without doing an update.. campaign only of course..

Fri Nov 10 17 07:50pm
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This definitely got my goat when I saw the patch and the requirement.

Literally no reason to buy physical games if all you need is a titanic assortment of SD cards.

The campaign is still on the card.

That's what I was thinking. But my experience was not allowing me to play the single playing.

I had no problem playing the game from the cart..without internet connection..

I hadn't updated the game and had no problem other than a crash after my first death. After that it was smooth sailing. Lucky for me I intended to update for the multiplayer mode anyway, which I'm doing right now.

airplane mode keeps it from updating...


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