Sonic Forces datamining reveals Sanic shirt and more

Dataminers have been poking away at Sonic Forces, which has resulted in some interesting finds. As you can see above, it looks like SEGA is going to include a "Sanic" t-shirt at some point, which is in reference to the long-running Sanic meme. SEGA certainly does love their Sonic memes, so it's no surprise to see them plopping it into Forces.

Another aspect of the game has been discovered, but it seems a bit on the spoiler side. We'll place that tidbit after the jump.

Looks like Super Sonic is included in the game as well, but there's no way to access it during normal play. Seems like another element SEGA will release through DLC.

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.......Super Sonic DLC? Great.

Oh and that Sanic...who's the one that started the meme?

Apparently it was the doing of a Youtuber like seven years ago... For the full reference:



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