Psyonix talks about resolution differences for Rocket League when docked/portable

Psyonix has been answering questions over on Reddit about Rocket League on Switch, and they've shared a few details on resolution differences between docked and handheld modes.

Rocket League runs at 1280x720 in Docked and uses a dynamic resolution scaler in Undocked (handheld) depending on the stadium being played. Generally speaking it hovers around 1024x576. Post launch we plan to continue working on optimizing the game.

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Max 720p is a little disappointing but I understand that devs don't do it deliberately. Still a shame.

I'm fine with this. Especially if I can play with PC and Xbox players.

Honestly it was either going to be 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps. I think they made the right call.

Exactly. I'm very happy with the performance so far. The visual style is good enough that a lower graphic fidelity doesnt impact the amount of fun I have playing this version of the game.
(FYI: This is coming from someone who played the game on PC with max settings.)

Tue Nov 14 17 08:33am
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Honestly, from the videos and screenshots I've seen of this game, this port is dogshit compared to the port of something like LA Noire, which looks IDENTICAL to the PS4 Pro version (see link below). No way is this game more technically demanding than LA Noire. I can only guess that Panic Button was taking on too many projects than they could handle (since they also did the Doom Switch port which appears to be decent), because this port just looks embarrassingly bad.


LA Noire doesn't run at 60fps. If Rocket league ran at 30fps, they could have gotten the visuals looking closer to the PS4 version. Also LA Noire was not built with multiplayer in mind, Rocket league is and as such, runs netcode in the background as you play online. So 60fps + netcode means there isn't much overhead left. If Rocket league was built from the ground up specifically for Switch, they might have been able to make it look a bit better, but even then it still wouldn't look as good as the PS4 version.

Tue Nov 14 17 02:16pm
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They could've done a lot better. You do have a point in that LA Noire runs at 30fps, but look at Splatoon 2. It employs a dynamic resolution, runs at 60fps, and features online play, much like Rocket League, yet it manages to maintain high quality textures even during online play, Rocket League looks like a 3DS game at times, especially in handheld mode, possibly due to a more extreme dynamic resolution combined with meh textures. I understand not every developer is on Nintendo's level, but they really should have delayed this game to better optimize it for the Switch. This port just appears rushed.

EDIT: Example 1: Ridge Racer 3D for 3DS

This admittedly runs at 30fps, but it's...the 3DS. Rocket League should hardly be comparable to a 3DS (handheld) game. The Switch is the successor to the Wii U, an HD console.

I would think that they actually had to port UE3 to Switch would explain a bit the lower performances, also, UE3 is an old engine now, so probably less efficient optimizations at the engine's level.

I'll take something with slightly lower resolution as long as I can still see everything (which in portable mode you can) and as long as it is 60FPS, which this game is, thereby making this port much better than the DOOM one they made.

The lack of achievements was a real big problem for me, but since my Macbook can't run this game well and the PS4 version lacks cross-play, I only had one option, and I hope it's just as fun as my friends say it is.


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