Creeping Terror Re announced for the Nintendo Switch

Creeping Terror is a 3DS game developed by Arksys Terror. Famitsu has revealed that the game is now planned to head to the Nintendo Switch under the name Creeping Terror Re. Not much information about the Switch version is currently known, it is known that there will be an Easy Mode difficulty provided in the game. Once more information about this version of the game is known, we will be sure to report it here on the site.

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Interesting, I've been enojoying the game so far on 3DS. A few kinks here and there to be worked out, sound of the text blurbs are a bit loud for some players which takes you out of the immersion, little stuff like that.
Anyway, I'm glad that it's heading to the NS which would be even better, given that it would be in HD! The name Creeping Terror Re sounds like it's trying to go adjective like "terrory", hehe. I hope they consider a physical release of the game and include a cool art book.

Yay, my 3DS is outta battery and I'm too lazy to buy a charger (lost the last one) so I couldn't get this game.
Now if it's out on Switch... :D

I honestly thought that title was implying that creeping terror was being re-announced for Switch, not that Creeping Terror Re was being announced for Switch, lol.

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