NIntendo to potentially make a deal with Illumination for a Super Mario movie

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment have been in talks about creating an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. Although most of the information is still currently under private discussion, Wall Street Journal claims that Nintendo wants to ensure that they will be actively involved with the creative process. Shigeru Miyamoto and Chris Meledandri will most likely be producers of the film. If the deal is settled, Illumination's Paris Studio, Mac Guff, would be the ones to be in charge of animation. Also, if the film were to be successful, Nintendo and Illumination would have interest in creating sequel films. 

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Tue Nov 14 17 12:20pm
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What WSJ left out is that it is only a partially animated film: the movie is actually a sequel to the 1993 hit and is a mix of live action and CG characters with Illumination doing photo realistic recreations of Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins

Minion crossover confirmed!
Hey, it worked out fine with the rabbids. :P

We're going to see a movie tie in game with that cause of you.

You're welcome!

Tue Nov 14 17 12:25pm
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I would watch the ever-lovin' crap out of an animated Mario movie. We can only hope the Nintendo learned their lesson from their previous attempt in the early 90s.

It sure would be interesting to have an entire 90 minutes of Mario characters actually, y'know, having conversations. With their voices.

...and now I'm picturing an entire Mario movie where all he says is stuff like "It's a-me, Mario! Mama Mia! Let's-a go! Number one! Woo hooo!"

Ahhhh first a LOTR prequel TV series and now Mario movies.... I don’t know how I feel about these

not illumination...they make cookie cutter movies...


do you really want a focus tested group super mario movie?

Tue Nov 14 17 12:37pm
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Real connoisseurs would refer to ralphthemoviemaker, but I guess that one is a fair enough choice too :*)

Yeah, you could choose a lot better than Illumination. But you could also choose a lot worse. I would have pegged them at about the middle of the pack when considering large animation studios.

I think Disney, Pixar, and even Dreamworks would have been better choices. But there probably wasn't much of a choice, as Illumination is tied to Universal, who Nintendo has been doing their business with lately.

So is DreamWorks now

You are absolutely right. I had forgotten about that.

no, ANY anime production studio no matter how small, is a much better choice than illumination and they got A LOT of studios over there.

My kids would absolutely LOVE a proper, Nintendo-guided, Illumination-animated Mario movie. LOVE. It would be the greatest movie that ever happened to them. This needs to be created! Done properly, it would bring SO MUCH JOY to so many kids. It would be fun for grown ups too, but don't underestimate how much kids would love this.

I bet a good Nintendo movie with a big-name budget company behind it could be made with the Blue Sky studios people behind it... It appears that every time they're doing something based on an IP they don't own, the movie may even outperform their original stuff on theaters!

Tue Nov 14 17 12:37pm
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The last people who should make a movie is illumination. God I hate their movies. They over advertise and make you hate a franchise. I love Mario and I just would hope they don't over advertise them.

I'm just glad Nintendo would really communicate to make sure their quality isn't bad. :/

Edit: also their jokes are horribly cringeworthy. I had trouble watching their trailers

Tue Nov 14 17 12:45pm
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Hopefully Nintendo's input can make them actually make a good movie for once.

Nononononono, this would be a really bad idea. Illumination would no doubt make something boring and painfully childish to sit through. I'd rather have Blue Sky, Toei, or Disney make an animated movie, since they would do a much better job IMO

Tue Nov 14 17 01:11pm
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I think Wreck-it-Ralph shows that Disney could have done a great job with a Mario movie. They would have been my first choice, anyway.

Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix Jr. are pretty much stand-ins for Donkey Kong and Mario, respectively. So yeah, they probably would be a good choice.

I would love to see an animated film get made but it would require some perfect casting to have Mario speak in a non-awkward way while still being true to the character. I can't see the Charles Martinet voice working for much more than one-liners.

Tue Nov 14 17 01:46pm
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He is have Done other kind of voice-work, like a dragon in skyrim, so he should be cap-able of doing a voice for Mario that will work for a feature film!

I was aware of him being a seasoned voice actor. It's just that the Mario voice itself would be a little grating for a feature-length film. Something less pronounced and less giddy would be a better fit for lengthy dialogue.

Tue Nov 14 17 01:12pm
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I'm open to this. It's about time Nintendo took another shot.

Honestly, I think that's a good studio to go with.

Yeah, surprised at all the hate honestly.

Excited over this Super Mario movie news!

Underdog studio choice in Illumination is interesting.
I guess Disney / Pixar having access to Nintendo on top of Marvel AND Star Wars would've been Too Insane.

They should channel Odyssey for a strong narrative methinks

Imagine a movie retelling of the Super Mario RPG story

Tue Nov 14 17 01:51pm
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Damn! I always wanted to watch a Mario movie! I wonder what it'll end up being like!

I assume the choice of Illumination has more to do with it being the in-house animation studio of Universal, considering the relationship between the two. Universal is also distributing the Detective Pikachu movie so it makes sense.

As for the quality of the movie itself, I'm a bit doubtful but not pessimistic. Nintendo is not gonna let another Super Mario Bros 1993 disaster crop up again.

Yeah, the Illumination/Universal connection seems to be going over a lot of people's heads. I'm pretty sure that they will be well-guided by Nintendo's input.

There's an official sequel by the original writers of the 1993 film, that's published in the form of a web comic http://www.smbthecomic.com/comic/page-1/

Anyway, I'm glad that it's not with Disney; would actually like it to be with DreamWorks Animation (Universal subsidiary) rather, which makes sense because they're building their theme park with Universal Studios.
And I hope they cast Charles Martinet. Wahoo!

Tue Nov 14 17 03:05pm
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Have we forgotten that this existed before the Bob Hoskins movie?

I loved that movie! That should be the blueprint of the new movie.

Ok I am interested. Not a big fan of Despictable me or minions but I kinda enjoyed Sing (not bad not great though). Let's see what happens.

What I wonder is if they will have Charles Martinet doing the typical Mario's voice? It may be fun in small bursts during gameplay but a whole movie with that castrati tone can be cringing <_<

Please no. Of all studios... Illumination? UGH.

This pains me as someone who's going into animation for their career. While the Despicable Me movies and Minions are the worst offenders to many, I just generally don't think this studio is strong in any of their content. If they couldn't even make Secret Life of Pets and Sing at least decent, I shudder at the thought of what they'd do to Mario. This is all my opinion, but I don't think they're able to really see the potential in the concepts they come up with. The only film I like of their's is the first Despicable Me. It was all downhill after that.

Rant aside, my point is that I don't think this studio would do Mario any justice. Blue Sky or Warner Bros. Animation would be my picks, considering Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks seem unrealistic to me.

Also... Chris Meledandri? NOOOO, pleaseeee no.

This is going to be a very worrisome next few years. Let's hope Nintendo doesn't actually go through with this.

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