Switch eShop now lets you filter search results by games that have demos

Want to know what games have demos on the Switch eShop? Now there's a filter than can do the searching for you! There's quite a few available right now. Perhaps some time with one of them will lead to your next purchase!

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Woo! It was hard to find demos before without it.

Tue Nov 14 17 05:20pm
Rating: 1

You can search for games with demo before by typing "demo" in the keyword.
Now they just make it easier to do it. Not complaining.

Tue Nov 14 17 05:46pm
Rating: 1

Keep the features coming. An easy way to find demos should have been there since day one. Better late than never .

I doubt you'll find any "demoes" on the eShop though.

Thank you. Typing "Demo" in the search box didn't always work for me. Again; Thank you Nintendo!!!

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