HAL teasing another BOXBOY! game

In the video above, we see a bit of at teaser for the future of the BOXBOY! series. Looks like Bye-Bye BOXBOY! isn't going to be the final entry in the series! Man, I really hope we see the character make the jump over to Switch!

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Nice. I really loved BoxBoy and Bye-Bye BoxBoy. BoxBoxBoy was a good idea for a sequel but it was harder in ways that ultimately made it less enjoyable IMO. Bye-Bye BoxBoy showed without a doubt that there is still lots of room for more inventive ways to continue the series, though.

Wed Nov 15 17 12:12pm
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The ending to the last game made no sense whatsoever so I don't really see why they wouldn't make another game after that confusing mess. Smart thing to do.

I didn't play any of them but at the same time, Box boy seems to be a new IP from Hal for a long time....

A Switch trilogy collection, perhaps?

Hello Box Boy! Please come to Switch.


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