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You can’t. You don’t have cappy here.

.... why not just cap the big one? im sure that what i did..........

You can’t. You don’t have cappy here.

Yeah, I definitely did that as well. These guys are getting it done, but in a much more difficult manner than is necessary.

Sat Nov 18 17 05:47pm
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You can’t capture enemies when you don’t have cappy...this is a harder version of the challenge where you do not have cappy.

Sat Nov 18 17 06:06pm
Rating: 2

Y'all do notice that Cappy's nowhere to be found in the video, right? This is a harder version of the one where you do have Cappy, so you need to do this without him hence requiring the harder jumps.

This is one of the harder ones? I think this was one of the easier ones.

Now the jump rope, that was hard.

I guess you only tried the easy version of the challenge, the one when you can use Cappy.

There's a version where you CAN use Cappy? Did I miss something?
On my first try, I wanted to use him but forgot he was stuck on the scarecrow.
So I just went to the lower level, got the moon and done.

Sun Nov 19 17 09:53am
Rating: 1

Might want to check the room again, since there are usually two moons per challenge/platform room.

Yeah, I meant two moons. :D
But thanks.

Well, to sum up, these are two very similar challenges, in two different kingdoms. The easier one is just a door you enter, and the harder one uses a scarecrow. Both contain two moons.

I see. So some challenges got hard modes, so to say. I didn't play that much after completing the story, except for some new moons. Just got bummed you can buy infinite moons in the shops and thought I had to get "them all". Kinda broke my completionist heart. ^^'

Mon Nov 20 17 06:28pm
Rating: 1

I totally get that, and I felt the same disappointment. I still kept a completionist mind though, as I tried to complete the list of moons in every kingdom.

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