Mojang reconfirms new Switch version of Minecraft with cross-platform play will release in 2018

The Switch community will still be getting the new version of Minecraft with cross-platform multiplayer, but not until 2018. Nintendo has been a great partner and we’re really excited to fully bring Switch players into the fold, however, we need to make sure we deliver the best experience possible. So the new version of Minecraft will now be coming to Nintendo Switch next year. Xbox One, PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch, all playing multiplayer Minecraft together in 2018 - I'm getting emotional just thinking about it...

Thanks to Magitroopa for the heads up!

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So weird to see Nintendo embracing cross platform play. Even the eShop page for Rocket League advertises cross platform with Xbox One and Steam directly.

Feel like the Nintendo of 10 or so years ago would have never allowed it.

Sun Nov 19 17 04:43pm
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When i saw Miyamoto in an Apple conference i thought that hell has finally frozen. Nothing can shock me anymore. Not even that Microsoft +Nintendo = Love thing that is happening lately

ps.. How on earth i can make an Avatar here. Not a clue Sad

Go to this page: https://gonintendo.com/users/fotis/edit
Then at the right, you can link to an external image for your avatar. You'll need to upload your avatar to something like Imgur first, though.

Seems like we've been waiting a long time for this Better Together cross-platform update on Switch. Wasn't it announced at E3? Do the other platforms have this operational already?

They have for ages already. The Switch update has now been delayed TWICE! But to be fair I feel it's Nintendo's fault.

Nintendo's proper Switch online service STILL hasn't launched, and it's possible Mojang/Microsoft/4J Studios is waiting for just that to make sure that when all of the system's online functionalities are launched, it doesn't cause any trouble with what they would have put in place already. If you're going to launch that, why put in the work twice when you can prepare to have everything working once and for all for when the biggest change yet to the Switch eco system comes into effect in January 2018?

Sat Nov 18 17 05:47pm
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Where's the Super Duper Graphics Pack coming to Switch now? It was also announced at E3 to be coming to it, so where is it now? The again it's not out on other systems either when it was supposed to come to XBox One X at launch, soooo, I guess Switch is still a looooooong way off!

Why is Minecraft still a thing that is demanded on a Nintendo system.....

Sun Nov 19 17 02:56am
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Because it’s an immensely popular game. Shocking!


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