Splatoon 2 Splatfest - Fantasy beats Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi: 43%
Fantasy: 57%

Sci-Fi: 49%
Fantasy: 51%

Sci-Fi: 51%
Fantasy: 49%

Just like I said, if you fight on the side that I back, you are destined to lose. I have a perfect track record for picking the losing team in Splatoon 2 Splatfests. Glad I didn't disappoint this time. Gotta keep the streak going!

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Team Fantasy wins! Hooray for Marina!

I'm honestly surprised. On 60% of the matches against Sci Fi, Fantasy was losing.
But that was on Friday night. Might've changed course on Saturday.

Wow RMC, you even broke Marina's losing streak!

I do indeed blame you RMC for my loss.

I like both, but do like sci-fi more so I chose it, despite knowing what the RMC curse would bring.


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