Tiny Metal director accused funding the game with money from another Kickstarter

I've been letting this one simmer a bit today to see what other details pop up, and unfortunately, the situation seems to have only gotten more confusing and sordid.

Long story short, Tiny Metal dev Hiroaki Yura has been accused of using funds from another Kickstarter project to bring Tiny Metal to life. The funds supposedly come from Project Phoenix, a Kickstarter project that raised over a million dollars. As expected, Yura says this isn't the case at all.

The one making the accusations is Tariq Lacy, someone who worked on Tiny Metal for a couple of months. Yura says that Lacy was terminated due to sexual harassment issues with female staffers.

As you can see, it's a case of he said, she said. There's no clear-cut answer right now, and unfortunately, Tiny Metal hangs in the balance of it all.

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Mon Nov 20 17 11:39pm
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From the Project Phoenix update, they're saying that if Tiny Metal does well enough, the Tiny Metal investors would help fund Project Phoenix.

The crazy part of that update was that the Tiny Metal investors would "fully fund" Project Phoenix. lol That thing was already heavily funded from the beginning...

Tiny Metal looks like a really good Advanced Wars successor, i don't care if they robbed a bank to make it.

Doggone it, I was looking forward to this one

This guy's first answer to the accusations was attacking Tariq personally instead of giving a professional reply reassuring the backers of the game being a reality.
Then he proceeds to give excuses and beg for pity on the project update.
Tariq has a long history on the industry.
It's extremely hard to believe Yura here.

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