GoNintendo Video Review - Gear.Club Unlimited

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- racing is varied, fun, and responsive
- plenty of content to unlock
- multiple cars to upgrade
- great sense of speed


- graphics and content progression show mobile roots
- race against player ghosts, but no online head-to-head multiplayer

Final Word

Gear.Club Unlimited is quite a fun experience. There's a lot to do and see here. From racing in multiple styles to upgrading your cars and building out your garage, the game knows how to keep you busy. While the visuals might not be the best and the lack of online head-to-head multiplayer stings, the overall package is still an engaging one. If you're looking for something that blends arcade and simulation racing together, Gear.Club Unlimited should do the trick.


Great review. Watched the whole thing. I’m glad you don’t affix numeric scores to your reviews. Does this have a physical release? How much does it cost?

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