RUMOR - Did WWE 2K18 get a stealth Switch release?


We're hearing some very odd reports coming out about WWE 2K18. First off, we have the video above. I think it's a bit fishy, but apparently the game has seen release in Poland. Then we're also hearing reports from people that you can find the game at places like Walmart in the states. Then on top of all that, our own NintenDaan had noticed that an online retailer said the game was available now, but was sold out online.

WWE 2K18 on Switch has been shrouded in mystery almost right after it was announced. We haven't seen any footage or screens, nor have we gotten an official release date. Could the game really be out in the wild right now? Huge thanks to the many of you who brought this to my attention!

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You have got to be kidding me? What is going on here?

Yo those are some bad load times

Hearing reports at Walmart, yet not a single photo as evidence? Come on now...

I hope RMC has reached out to Ric Flair for comment about this stealth release of WWE 2K18 on Switch!

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