Nintendo stock hits highest point since Sept. 2008

Nintendo continues to push closer and closer to their goal of bringing in "Nintendo-like" profits. Today they've taken another step, with their stock hitting its highest value since all the way back in Sept. of 2008. The bump came from the early success of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and may climb higher as the holiday season kicks into high gear.

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I need to learn a bit about the stock market...

The stock market is all about the perception of your company, not necessarily the actuality. It's good to see their stock price super high, but given that it's the stock market, it doesn't take much for it to go down either.

Oh, this is fantastic! They really turned it around. And I hope all the people who thought folks were going to hate on Nintendo no matter what in the Wii U days can realize that those disappointed in Nintendo's situation then were telling their honest opinions in good faith. They have done a 180 and are just killing it now.

Highest point of doomed since 2008

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