HandyGames on why they're bringing 11 games to the Switch

HandyGames has gone all-in on the Switch, putting out a press release stating that 11 titles from them are heading to the platform.
It certainly seems like a big gamble, but Chris Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames, has sat down with GamesBeat to explain why they made the move.

“It’s not too many games. We plan to release different games for different genres. We see the demand for building up strategy or even god games. Several games we develop are co-op multiplayer titles and they are not simple ports. The Switch is a perfect platform that just perfectly fit to our games.

...We like the Switch because consumers are paying for content on the platform. If we start a new venture, we have to kill off something else. We’ve been a mobile first company, but that changed completely this year with the Switch. We try something out. We’re flexible. We go for the next hot shit.”

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“Listen buddy, the Switch is selling well and Switch owners spend money on games. We ain’t dumb like EA and Capcom. We want in on that Nintendoom money!!! ....also our 11 games are a perfect fit for the platform.

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