GoNintendo Video Review - RIVE: Ultimate Edition

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- absolutely gorgeous
- fluid, fast, exciting gameplay
- great amount of challenge
- modes that keep you coming back
- mashes up multiple genre mainstays into something new and fresh


- some people might find it too challenging

Final Word

RIVE is Two Tribes' final game, and they couldn't have ended things with a better experience. This is one of the most fun and frantic shooters I've played in quite some time. The game is a blast to play, a sight to behold, and a great challenge of your twitch skills. From start to finish, the game is action-packed with some awesome set-pieces and more. I really do hate to see Two Tribes go, but at least they gave us one hell of a game before all was said and done.


I'm really enjoying RIVE. It is hard but so so good. When I need to relax I play Uurnog Uurnlimted, which you to play. RMC, you would love this game! It also has co op so they both complement each other well. One game is fast paced and intense, the other is slow & puzzle based.

So it's their last hurrah. Kinda like Motorhead's Bad Magic album: just amazing Smile

They communicate with NintendoLife forums about this being Two Tribes is essentially, but warmed to the idea them as devs may be in the cards. Just nothing as Two Tribes anymore.

Shame though, they found a really good mix with Rive. Shame Toki Tori never well received.

Well I sure hope they still get creative. Rive is just a blast. I didn't like the protagonist (if we can call him that) but he grew on me fast. And Toki Tori is bust beyond charming (and damned fun while being annoying hehe).

I personally enjoyed Toki Tori, but it was one of those games you can easily understand why people just did not like it. RIVE's protagonist just feels out of the theme. But I cannot judge his character much since so far I have been playing it on low sound.

Two Tribes definitely had some talent, it'd be a shame to see them go entirely.

Yeah, Rive shouldn't have had a talking protagonist at all. But hey! The game makes up for it.

Why do you think people would not like TT? The cuteness?

The simplicity, the overall child-like approach to its theme (though one CAN argue later puzzles aren't that friendly). It's getting the same flack Chicken Wiggle is currently.

Well, I find TT way more charming than CW.

Does anyone know why it is their last game?

Their claim to fame, Toki Tori series, was financially unsuccessful. And with little-to-no traction in any of the venues they have had their games (even RIVE isn't faring well on Steam) they opted to tie it up and go out with a bang.

yeah that's quite disappointing. Rive is pretty good if only jump was the left side or any option to change the controls. silly health issue

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