Switch featured on Big Brother Italy

While I can't personally vouch for it, I hear that Big Brother Italy is among the most popular shows in the country. That would certainly make sense in this instance, as it's clear Nintendo struck an advertising deal with the TV show producers to feature the Switch. Sure, it's a glorified advert, but still a smart way to get the system out in front of people!

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Games: 1-2 Switch


Yuck, I can't be spared from lame national reality shows on the places I usually browse aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

For what it's worth, I heard some country's iterations of Big Brother are really good, such as Big Brother Canada and Big Brother Australia. Big

Well, the italian one is really bad. But it's true that it's watched by a lot of people...

I watched it today on Canale 5 (channel 5), it was OK.. But I hate 1-2 switch.

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