Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap hits 100k sold on Switch, more than all other platforms combined

The Switch audience has been super receptive to Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. In the video above (16:18 mark), a member of the dev team confirms that the title has sold 100k on Switch, which is more than all other versions combined. Way to support the indie side of things, Switch owners! It might have something to do with Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap being an absolutely fantastic remake!

Thanks to Heisnbrg for the heads up!


I picked it up on the recent eShop sale, and I can't recommend it enough!

The hand drawn animations and new music are simply beautiful. The ability to switch to the classic graphics and/or music at any point is super cool, too.

It may not be a particularly long adventure, or all that difficult (at least, not on Normal), but it's certainly worth it. The devs certainly have a lot of love for the original Master System game, and it shows.

I had read up a bit on its development, and they had actually reverse-engineered the original game (Sega/Westone didn't have the source code anymore) to ensure that everything about the remake (physics, damage calculation, etc.) were faithful to the original. It's quite amazing!

Tue Nov 28 17 06:24am
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A friend and I are both been patiently waiting for the physical release. Adding two more to that list of sales. I feel the shelf space advertising will make it a bit more aware to potential buyers.


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