SteamWorld Dig 2 sells nearly ten times as much on Switch than Steam

According to Image & Form (16:27 mark), SteamWorld Dig 2 has been their most successful launch to date. The title has sold nearly 10 times the amount of units on Switch as it has on Steam. Now that's one hell of a big difference. Looks like the Switch team can't get enough of their steam-fueled, robotic, Minecraft-like, exploration-based platformers!

Thanks to Heisnbrg for the heads up!

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I am yet to get this. The first one was great so I guess one should be OK at least.

The structure is more akin to how Metroivania is laid out as far as mapping. The items are less dependant on water as the first sometimes had you blowing too much to climb somewhere. It improved the formula ten fold if you ask me.

The only part of what you wrote was the water part. I liked the difficulty wirh rhe water being so scarce. The rest sounds damn fine. When I get the time....

Everything in the first essentially used water, but in turn lakes were more prominent. The second curtailed the water a bit as well but utilizing several other features to 100% it makes for a more challenging experience without it being forced on some players who are more A-to-B types who just enjoy the story.

I wonder how many of those sales were a result of IGN's "Nintendo Voice Chat" podcast spotlighting the game and mentioning it here and there a week or two afterward. They had nothing but praise for it.

This is more telling me Steam is getting more and more flooded with garbage Indies the real efforts cannot shine more than it does the immense purchasing power Switch has.

Couldn’t think of a better studio for all this success to flow to. Ever since the 3DS community embraced Image & Form, they decided to embrace Nintendo gamers back and in my opinion, it was a great move by both parties.

So as steam says Steamworld 2 has sold 31000, that means 310000 for Switch.

SteamSpy is not a 100% reliable source, as there's a lot of "mathematical guessing" involved, but yeah, that sounds like a good ball park.

Now consider how many sales Stardew Valley must be getting. It's still #3 spot in the UK eshop and whilst the likes of Doom and SMO come and go Stardew just keeps selling nearly 2 months after release! Their sales numbers must be sky high.


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