Random Time! - Splatoon envisioned in an NES-style

It's a quick GIF, but it's still neat to look at! It makes you wonder if Nintendo would ever take one of their newest IPs and throw it into a retro-style. Would it work? What are your thoughts?

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There was no inking or transforming. Also seemed to be more about 1P mode rather than the core gameplay. It really only seemed like Splatoon aesthetically.
Tell you what... It reminds me of when popular movies or kids shows would get video game adaptations. You know... Usually they were some basic 2D platformer.

I agree completely, but I also get an "inkling" that's what they were going for. Har dee har har.

Ur kraken me up, m8.

HAHAHA! I'd upvote you but I'm over my daily limit, but do keep in mind you're awesome and that's hilarious.

I actually did something similar with a video of an NES-style Splatoon, which I released two days before the original game came out back in 2015:


This reminds me of the mini-game that never showed up in the final version of Splatoon.

Still waiting on this...

A SNES, isometric view Pikmin would be kind of interesting. You could even use the SNES mouse to point and click where you want to direct your Pikmin.

That's pretty dang cool! Creating things like this actually take a lot of work... even more when the quality is high like this one. That's a fantastic sprite and the visuals really DO conform to 8-bit standards, unlike a lot of "demakes" we see.

If you watch the edge of the screen, it even does that thing the NES did where tilesets partially outside the screen changed their palettes.

Whoever made this could probably create some really awesome full games in an 8-bit style.

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