RUMOR - Paladins might be heading to Switch

Paladins is a "team-based shooter with strategy elements and deep character customization," according to the Early Access Steam page. It seems like a title Switch fans want to see on the platform. This might be why Todd Harris, Hi-Rez co-founder, was asked about the potential for it happening. At the time of asking, Harris said the team was focusing on other versions.

Now here's where things get interesting. The latest beta version of the game on Steam has some interesting tidbits tucked inside the data. Apparently some config files have been found which specifically mention/pertain to a Switch version. Looks like the team might have finally found some time for Switch!

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I hope so. Since Jeff Kaplan have decided not to port Overwatch for the Switch, maybe Paladins would be an ideal choice for Switch owners to play it anywhere at anytime.

Tue Nov 28 17 04:11pm
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EXACTLY. There's an Overwatch-sized hole on Switch right now, so I think porting this would be a smart move.

Tue Nov 28 17 07:03pm
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He didnt decide anything. All they said was if the were to port it they would to investigate how they will do it.
They never said no to Overwatch on Switch since they are open to bring Heroes of Hearthstone and I am sure if they bring that they will bring Overwatch.

I see. Thank you for that corrections.

Maybe this will convince Blizzard to bring Overwatch to Switch

Forget Overwatch, guys, I want an offline, take anywhere Diablo experience.

Preferably 2, but since 3 is more current I'd accept that.

You should check out Nine Parchments (demo available now). It's as close as you're going to get in the immediate future.

Nine Parchments is the reason I got an itch for dungeon crawlies on my Switch, the my love for such a genre started on Diablo on the PSX (then later my love for Blizzards games in general).

And an offline Diablo 3 with drop-in, go anywhere lobbies would be amazing. Alas, as far as immediate futures are concerned, it's definitely the only way to go is NP.

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